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funeral flower messages for mom

When your mom has sadly passed away it inevitably means there will be a funeral. And so you will want to pay your respects to your mother. That might mean just by being there, giving a eulogy or reading, or with some special funeral flowers that were special to your mom.

Flowers are traditional at funerals. When someone can’t attend a funeral they might send a lovely bouquet with a message or note expressing their condolences.

Even if they do attend a funeral many people choose to bring flowers or send them beforehand.

But knowing what to say on your moms funeral flowers can be difficult.

So if you’re struggling to find the perfect words for your moms funeral flower message then the examples below should help.

Funeral Flower Messages for Mom

Thank you for being such an incredible mother and friend. I can’t begin to express how much I will miss you, mom

There won’t be a day that goes by when I won’t think of you, mom. You meant everyone to me and I will be lost without you. Goodbye my dearest mom

I have lost someone who can never be replaced. There is a huge hole in my heart and I don’t know how I’m going to cope. I will always be thinking of you, mom

Thank you for everything, mom. It’s because of you I am who I am today. I owe you so much and I don’t want to say goodbye

You were there for me when I needed you the most and always made things better. I just can’t imagine a life where you aren’t in it. I love you, mom

To my wonderful mom, I will miss you more than I could ever say. Rest in peace

Your legacy is one that will inspire us all and we will remember your love and warmth forever. We will miss you so much. Goodbye, mom

I was lucky to have had a mom as amazing as you. I will cherish each and every moment we had together and treasure those memories for eternity

Nothing can hope to say how much I loved you mom. You made me a better person and help me to become what I am. No one will ever replace you

It didn’t matter how bad times were you would be there for me. Thank you mom, I will love you forever

funeral message for mom

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Without you the world is less bright, mom. I don’t want to accept you’re gone but know I have to. Goodbye and may you rest in heaven

Mom, your memory will live on through the wonderful lives you gave us. We were blessed to have you and mourn you’re passing. May you forever be in our hearts

I will remember the countless good times we had, the joy you brought the whole family and the never ending love I felt from you

No one could have been as loving as you, mom. I always felt so safe and happy knowing you were there for me. I’m scared to have to face the world without you, mom

Your memory was a blessing and I will treasure it for eternity. Goodbye my sweet mother

You were the worlds most perfect mom. You cared for me through thick and thin and I don’t know how I’ll get by without my mama

Thank you mom. There is too much I want to thank you for but mainly just for being such an amazing mother. I owe you everything

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What Should I Write on my Mom’s Funeral Flowers?

When writing a funeral flower message for your mom it’s best to keep it short. Messages are usually a few touching words or sentences that express just how much you will miss your mom.

If you’re writing a note to go with flowers or a wreath then it’s tends to be small anyway, not leaving much room for a longer message. But you should be able to find enough space to express what you truly feel about losing and saying goodbye to your mom.

  • As just mentioned, try to keep it as short as you can. It’s understandable to have a lot to say after losing your mom but in these circumstances it’s best to go for a shorter message and save something longer for a eulogy.
  • In your message you may want to consider some of your most treasured memories of your mom and possibly sharing those.
  • If you and your family had a strong faith or were religious then it’s perfectly normal for your message to reflect this and talk in a way she would have been happy with.
  • However, if your mother wasn’t religious then stick with a regular message and avoid one with any religious overtones

The following example messages should help you to find the right words if you’re struggling with what to say or write in either a flower or wreath message.

funeral message for mother

Funeral Wreath Messages for Mom

No one could have been a better mom than you. I love you with all my heart

I will miss you dearly, mom. May you find peace now

Rest in peace my beautiful mother. You’re with the angels now

Thank you mom. Thank you for everything

You were my inspiration. I am heartbroken you’re gone. Farewell

You may be gone but will you never be forgotten, mom

In loving memory of our mom. She was a one of a kind

You may be gone but you will live on in my heart

I can’t think of this as goodbye, mom. It’s just see you soon

The treasured memories I have of you mom I will hold in my heart forever

mom funeral message

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Funeral Messages for Mom

Thank you for your sacrifices, mom. You gave me the world and I will cherish all you did forever more

You were the best mom anyone could have asked for. You were my role model and my inspiration and the world is a poorer place without you in it

You gave me life and then you made my life so special. You filled it with love and warmth, and my heart breaks that you’re gone

Even though time may pass those treasured memories I have of you will never fade

No one was loved as much as you, mom. You’ll never know just how much you are going to be missed

I hope you are in peace now, mom. I won’t ever forget you

There’s so much of you I will never forget but what will remain in my heart for all time will be the love and happiness you gave. When I was with you I felt truly loved, and I doubt I’ll ever feel that again now you’re gone. Goodbye, mom

You inspired so many and brought us all such joy. There will be a huge hole in so n my any lives now you’re gone, mom

Heavens gain is our loss. We have lost you too soon and your endless love will be missed beyond measure

Goodbye mom. My love for you is greater than this note could ever hope to express. I will miss you so much

We hope these funeral flower messages for moms have helped you to find the words to say goodbye to your mother. Funerals are tough for any person you’ve lost but especially so when it’s your mom.

It’s the opportunity you have to say farewell though and so the words you choose are important. Speak from the heart and remember how special your mom is and your message will be perfect.

funeral flower messages for mom

funeral card messages

Sending a funeral card is a terrible thing to have to do. But at times it is necessary. That doesn’t make it any easier though, and we understand that.

One of the biggest worries when sending one is coming up with a suitable message for the card. Finding something appropriate to say that doesn’t offend or appear trite can be difficult. Even more so when trying to get everything you want to say into a small card with only a small space for a few words.

So we have put together some of the most fitting and well thought out funeral card messages for to use or give an idea of what to say. Hopefully some of the funeral card messages below will allow you to say what you wanted and ease some of the worries you have when writing your own message.

Funeral Card Messages

In loving memory

Rest in peace

We miss you

We will never forget you

‘Til we meet again

Fond memories

You will be dearly missed

See you in heaven

Gone but not forgotten

You will live on in our hearts

So dearly loved. So sadly missed. God Bless

Memories of you will never die nor will they fade as time goes by

A simple wish that you were here

Never forgotten and always in our hearts

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We will always treasure the wonderful memories we have

You’re our angel up in the sky, make sure you watch over us all

Love and miss you always

Keeping you in my/our heart

Sleep in peace until we meet again

Rest in peace and know that we will never forget you

I will remember you and love you forever

Your memory lives on in our hearts

In god’s arms you can gently rest

Our lives will never be the same again

Because of the love you gave us you will never be far from our hearts.

An honourable man/woman & lifelong friend

In loving memory of a dear friend

Fondest remembrances

With heartfelt condolences