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1 thought on “Contact”

  1. We’ll Never Forget You.

    Dad was getting tired
    And no cure was to be
    And I held you so tight
    On that sad lonely night
    And Dad closed his eyes
    And sadly passed away
    And a lonely tear rolled
    Down my face that day,

    And it was so painful
    Watching you fade away
    And the heartache every day
    But Dad we knew you couldn’t stay

    I’m drying my tear’s

    And a special person in life
    Who made us smile so bright and
    I fell to the flour cried so hard I
    Couldn’t believe it
    Dad was no more and our
    Lord Jesus Christ only takes the best
    Until we meet again Dad I’ll love you
    Every day and I’ll never forget that
    Sad lonely day you passed away.

    David P Carroll.


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