10+ Eulogy Examples for a Grandmother

eulogy examples for grandmother

Writing a eulogy is never easy. Trying to find the words to commemorate and remember someone like your grandmother is always going to be so hard. But if you are giving a reading at the funeral for your grandmother then it’s important to be prepared and have a eulogy ready. Having a touching speech written … Read more

50+ Inspirational Quotes for Widows

inspirational quotes for widows

The loss of a spouse is a heart wrenching experience. A widow will face profound grief and the need for healing. Finding inspiration in such hard times can be difficult. Inspirational quotes can provide hope and solace though. These quotes are powerful and uplifting and will hopefully help widows be reminded they aren’t alone and … Read more

How Long Should You Keep Sympathy Cards for?

how long do you keep sympathy cards for

How long should you keep your sympathy cards? It’s an interesting question. Sympathy cards provide comfort during our hardest moments. They are heartfelt gestures of support. But after losing a loved one and the days turn into weeks, months and even years, a question arises: How long should you keep sympathy cards? It’s really an … Read more