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15+ Short Eulogy Examples for Loved Ones (Friends, Family, Colleagues and More)

Eulogies give us the chance to say goodbye and remember a passed loved one. Sometimes we only want we say to be short and to the point.

But summing up an entire persons life in a few sentences isn’t easy. How do you briefly share memories and reflect on the legacy of someone so special to you.

Well if you’re struggling then the following short eulogy examples should help to show you how to write a short eulogy. Or at the least provide some inspiration and ideas if you’re stuck.

Short Eulogy Examples

These short eulogies are for friends, family, spouses, colleagues and more.

For a Wife

Today, we bid farewell to a remarkable woman, my beloved wife. She was the heart of our family, a source of unconditional love and a beacon of kindness in our lives. Her laughter filled our home and her wisdom helped guide is through our hardest moments. She wasn’t just my partner but my best friend, my confidant and my greatest support. Her memory will forever be a treasure in my heart.

For a Husband

We gather to remember a man who was not only my husband but the cornerstone of our family. He was a man of integrity, strength and immense love. His dedication to our family never wavered and his sense of humor helped to light our darkest days. He taught us the value of hard work, the importance of kindness and the power of love. His legacy will continue to inspire us every day.

short eulogy example for husband

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For a Mother

Today, we honor a woman of extraordinary warmth and love – my dear mother. She was the foundation of our family and the one we turned to for everything. She had so much wisdom and an enduring supply of love for everyone. Her hands held, her heart cared and her spirit inspired. She was our teacher, our guide and our greatest supporter. Her legacy of love and resilience lives on in each of us.

short example eulogy for mother

For a Father

We come together to pay tribute to a remarkable man, my father. He was a pillar of strength, a reservoir of knowledge, and a source of endless support. His hard work shaped our world, and his moral compass guided us. He was our protector, our mentor, and our role model. His lessons and love have left an indelible mark on our lives.

short eulogy example for father

For a Child

Today, we gather with heavy hearts to remember a life that shone brightly but was taken too soon. My child brought me more joy than I can ever hope to express. His/her laughter echoed in our hearts and whose curiosity sparked our wonder. Though their time with us was brief the impact was profound. Their spirit, a beautiful memory, will forever dance in the echoes of our days.

short example eulogy for child

For a Brother

Today, we remember my brother. He was a man of laughter and courage, and not just a sibling but a true friend. His adventurous spirit and kind heart left an mark on all who were lucky enough to know him. His stories, his laughter and his constant support will be deeply missed but forever cherished in our memories.

For a Sister

We gather to celebrate my sister, someone who shone so bright and brought so much love in to all our lives. She was a confidant, a source of joy and a guiding force. Her compassion knew no bounds, and her smile would light up the darkest room. Her presence was a gift to all of us, and one that we will carry in our hearts always.

For a Grandfather

Today, we pay tribute to my grandfather. Grandad was a pillar of wisdom and strength. His stories shaped our childhoods and his wisdom helped guided our paths. I feel grateful for his love and how it nurtured our growth. He was not just a grandparent but a mentor and a constant source of unconditional love. His legacy lives on in the lessons he taught and the family he cherished.

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For a Grandmother

We are here to honor my grandmother, a woman of warmth, resilience and love. Her hands crafted our family’s tapestry, her words soothed our troubles when we needed them most, and her love was the foundation of our home. She was a storyteller, a caregiver and the support we all needed. Her memory is a treasure that we will hold dear forever.

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For an Uncle

Today, we honor my uncle, a man of humor and wisdom. He was like a second father to me, always there with a story to tell or advice to give. His laughter was infectious and his presence was comforting. He taught me much about life and love and his legacy will continue to live on in the stories we share and the memories we cherish.

For an Aunt

We gather to remember my aunt, a woman of grace and kindness. She was a second mother, someone I looked up to and above all a true friend. Her love was boundless and her advice invaluable, She created a sense of family, warmth and home wherever she went, and her absence leaves a space that cannot be filled. We will forever hold her in our hearts.

For a Friend

Today, we say goodbye to a friend who was a shining light in the lives of all who knew them. Their friendship was a gift – generous, true and steadfast. They were a partner in all the adventures we got up to and a source of endless support. Their laughter, kindness and zest for life brought so much to our world. We will cherish the memories we have of them and carry their spirit in our hearts always.

For a Colleague

We are here to commemorate a colleague who was not just a coworker but a true friend. They brought not only their skills and dedication to our workplace but also their warmth, humor and camaraderie. They were a team player, a problem-solver and ever reliable. Their presence made our workplace brighter and their absence leaves a void that cannot be filled.

For a Neighbor

Today, we remember a neighbor who was more than just a resident next door; they were a part of our community fabric. Always there with a helping hand, a kind word or a shared laugh. They brought a sense of unity and friendship to our neighborhood. Their absence leaves a void in our hearts and in our community.


As we gather to bid farewell, we find comfort in our faith, knowing that [Name] is now in the loving arms of our Creator. [He/She] walked this earth as a testament to [His/Her] faith, shining [His/Her] light and love onto all [He/She] met. [Name]’s life was a journey of devotion, filled with acts of kindness, charity, and unwavering belief in the goodness of humanity. Today, we celebrate not just the life [He/She] lived on earth, but the eternal life [He/She] has now entered. We find solace in scriptures, ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.’ Our hearts may grieve, but our spirits are lifted by the promise of reunion in the kingdom of Heaven. [Name]’s legacy will live on in the hearts and deeds of those [He/She] touched, and [His/Her] light will continue to guide us, until we meet again in God’s eternal grace.

For a Religious Figure

We gather to honor a spiritual guide and a pillar of our faith, [Name]. Their devotion to spiritual service, unwavering faith and compassion touched many lives. They were not just a leader but a source of comfort, wisdom and inspiration. Their teachings and example of living a life of grace, humility and love will continue to guide us on our paths.

For a Pet

Today, we say goodbye to a beloved companion, our pet [Name]. [He/She] was more than just an animal; [he/she] was a member of our family, a source of unconditional love and joy. [His/Her] wagging tail, gentle purr, or cheerful chirps brought happiness into our home every day. [He/She] taught us about loyalty, the simplicity of love and the beauty of the present moment. We are grateful for the time we had and the love we shared, and [he/she] will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Tips for Writing a Short Eulogy

  • Start with Reflection: Take a moment to reflect on your memories and feelings about the deceased. Jot down their qualities, memorable stories, and moments from your time with them that stand out.
  • Choose a Theme: A theme could be a trait that defines them (like their kindness or humor), a significant aspect of their life (like their career or hobbies), or a particular philosophy they lived by.
  • Keep it Personal: Share personal stories or anecdotes that really show their character and your relationship with them. It will make your eulogy more relatable and heartfelt.
  • Include a Brief Life Overview: Give a short summary of their life, including important dates, family details and major life events. But make sure to keep this part short and not dwell in it too long.
  • Speak to the Heart: Focus on what was the most lovable and what was unique about them. Share what you’ll miss the most and what you learned from them.
  • Keep it Appropriate and Respectful: Avoid potentially uncomfortable or divisive topics. Stay positive and respectful.
  • Use Natural Language: Write as if you are speaking to a friend. A conversational tone makes the eulogy sound more genuine.
  • Practice Delivery: Read your eulogy aloud several times to be sure that it flows well. Time yourself too, so that you know it fits within the time you want to spend. Practice helps to manage emotions on the day as well.
  • Acknowledge the Loss: It’s okay to express sorrow and acknowledge the loss felt by everyone present. It can be comforting to share grief.
  • End on a Hopeful Note: Finish with a message of hope or a reflection on their lasting impact. This can provide comfort to the audience.

Remember that a eulogy doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact there is no ‘perfect’ eulogy. It’s a personal tribute. It should express your feelings and memories, which will be unique to you.

All you should be aiming for is to speak from the heart and let your words honor their memory beautifully.

short eulogy examples

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