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Happy birthday in heaven

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happy birthday in heaven mom

After you’ve lost your mom and her birthday comes around it can be really difficult. Although the grief of losing a parent never passes it does lessen with time.

But when those big days that you would have celebrated with your mom – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc. – arrive it can bring that grief and pain all back. We remember those we loved dearly the most during the special times.

But a way to help and mark the occasion is to say ‘happy birthday in heaven mom’ as a way of paying tribute to and remembering your departed mother. It’s a way to celebrate the day even though she isn’t with you anymore.

So if you’re missing your mom on her birthday and want to send a message to her in heaven try these examples.

How do you Say Happy Birthday in Heaven to your Mom

1. Happy birthday, mom. I miss you more than I could possibly say and think about you all the time. I know you’re in heaven watching over me though and it brings comfort to know I’ll see you again.

2. It’s days like today that I miss you the most. I can’t help but think back on the amazing times we had and how much fun your birthdays were. It hurts so much you’re gone but it won’t stop me celebrating and remembering your birthday. I miss you mom.

3. Happy birthday to the most wonderful mother. You may be up in heaven but you’re always in my heart. I won’t ever forget you.

4. I wish that we could spend your birthday together. Instead I am going to light a candle and spend today thinking of all those treasure memories I have of you. Happy birthday mom, all the way up there in heaven.

5. Every year your birthday comes around I think it will be easier and every year it’s just as hard. My heart still breaks knowing you’re not here. I hope you’re up in heaven looking over me, mom. Happy birthday.

6. I don’t want to cry today but it’s so hard without you here. Happy birthday in heaven, mom. Even though you’re gone you still

7. Even in the hardest times like today I do all I can to remember those cherished moments us we had together and it helps me through. The happiness and laugher we shared – that’s what I think of when I remember you. Happy birthday in heaven.

8. Even though you’re no longer with me I feel your presence wherever I go. You’re still the one who guides me and I turn to. Happy birthday mom, I’ll never stop missing you.

9. I can’t say how special you were to me mom. Years may pass but your spirit will never truly be gone. Happy birthday.

10. Your memory is a blessing, mom. I keep you in my heart always. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven and hoping we will be reunited again.

mom in heaven happy birthday

70 Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes with Images

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom Messages

11. You were more than just my mother, you were my best friend. Your birthday is so hard for me but I want to remember you in the best way possible and celebrate your life. Happy birthday, mom.

12. To my darling mother – I can’t count the tears I have shed since you left us. Your birthday another reminder of how much I miss you. But I will celebrate your life today and all you meant to me.

13. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed I will always remember you mom. Your memory is eternal. Happy birthday.

14. To the most amazing woman – you may be gone but I shall never forget you. Happy birthday my darling mother.

15. As we celebrate your birthday today I wish you eternal happiness and peace. Rest well mom.

16. It brings me comfort to know that your soul is in heaven watching over me. Happy birthday mom.

17. I will leave flowers on your grave today mom, and light the candles like I always do. It won’t stop me hurting but keeping your memory alive is important to me. Your birthday deserves to remembered.

18. You are with me in spirit and that’s enough to celebrate your birthday. It’s not the same without you but any way I can feel close to your presence and remember the love you brought I will take. Happy birthday mom.

19. I gaze skyward and see the stars, knowing you are there among them. As I mark your birthday I will wish for you to keep me safe and always be with me, no matter what.

20. If I close my eyes I see your smiling face. I know your somewhere looking over us all. Happy birthday.

wishing you a happy birthday mom in heaven

Words of Sympathy for Loss of Mother

Happy Birthday to Mom in Heaven from your Daughter

21. Today I remember my wonderful mother. No one was as kind and loving as her, and I look back on what she did for me with such happy memories. I miss you more each year mom, happy birthday from your daughter.

22. No one could ever replace you. You may be gone but your memory is never far away. From your only daughter, happy birthday mamma.

23. On your birthday I feel your absence more than ever. Whatever you are, mom, I hope you’re happy. Just know that your daughter loves you and always will.

24. Today I wish my mom a happy birthday. She was taken far too soon and I am left bereft by her absence. I hope she is in peace in heaven.

25. No one was as good a mom as you were and I so wish you were here to celebrate your birthday. Instead I’ll take today to remember all the best moments we had together and hope you know how much your daughter loves you.

26. I try to focus on those amazing memories I have of you mom but I can’t stop hurting and missing you. Until we are reunited – happy birthday.

27. It’s your unconditional love and support that helped me to become the person I am. I owe you everything mom. Happy birthday – you are never far from my thoughts.

28. Please know that your daughter will never stop missing or loving you. I feel you with me every single day and want your birthday to do justice to the incredible mom you were. Happy birthday in heaven, mom.

29. We had a bond that was special. Mothers and daughters often do. And that’s why I miss you so much. I want you back mom, but I know it can’t be. So I will wish you a happy birthday and remember just how amazing you truly were.

30. From your daughter – happy birthday, mom. You were so loved I hope you know how much we miss you now you’re gone.

missing you in heaven mom

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom for Facebook

31. You never stop loving som eone, you just learn to live without them. Happy birthday in heaven, mom.

32. Today would be my mom’s birthday. It’s brings back both good and bad memories, but I will be remembering just what she means to me and celebrating the amazing life she had. Happy birthday up in heaven mom – I miss you.

33. On my mom’s birthday I’m remembering her and the woman she was. Her memory will live long in my heart. Happy birthday mom

34. Sadly missed along life’s way, quietly remembered every day. No longer in our life to share, but in our hearts, you’re always there. Happy birthday mom.

35. Even after all this time I still expect my mom to walk back through the door. I miss her so much, especially today on her birthday. But I know she’s looking down and keeping me safe. Happy birthday in heaven mamma

36. Remembering you is easy mom, I do it every day. Missing you is a heartache, that never goes away. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven.

37. Saying happy birthday to my mom who’s no longer with us. I know she’s in heaven looking over me. Happy birthday mom.

38. My mom was more than a parent: she was my best friend. My heart breaks all over again every year her birthday comes round. The pain won’t ever pass but the love she left was real and I remember just how special she truly was.

39. I’ll never forget you mom. Happy birthday in heaven, I’ll see you again one day.

40. The hard part wasn’t losing you, it was learning to live without you. Happy birthday mamma, I love you dearly.

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Mom’s First Birthday in Heaven Quotes

41. It’s your first birthday since heaven gained a new angel. It’s so hard not having you here but nothing would stop me remembering your birthday. You are as loved just as much as you are missed.

42. I won’t let today be a sad day. It may be the 1st birthday since you left us but we will gather to celebrate your life and the amazing impact you had on so many people. Happy birthday mom, and I hope you’re happy in heaven!

43. There will be tears today, the 1st birthday since you were taken from us. But we will be honoring your memory and celebrating your birthday the way you would have wanted.

44. On the first birthday after your death I am raising a glass to you, my mother, and wishing you peace.

45. Today I mark your 1st birthday after your passing with such sadness. I want to see you one last time and tell you how much I love you.

46. It’s so hard to think of your birthday so soon after you left us. You are missed more than I could possibly say.

47. You will forever have a place in my heart and as I commemorate your 1st birthday since you were tragically taken I can say that your memory won’t ever fade. I love you mom, happy birthday.

48. I can still remember your last birthday and how much joy it brought us all. I don’t want to face the 1st since you’ve been gone but know I can’t avoid it. Wishing you a happy birthday mom and that you were still with us.

49. Your 1st birthday in heaven since your passing is making me so sad. I want to remember all the best of you but can’t seem to stop myself missing you and wishing you weren’t gone. Happy birthday mommy.

50. Happy first birthday in heaven mom. May you find some peace and rest amongst the angels.

51. To my mom in heaven – it’s been less than a year since I lost you and as the 1st birthday since I am filled with such sadness. You are greatly missed and although I will mark today and remember you birthday it will be in sorrow.

The major days after losing someone like your mother – holidays, birthdays etc. – are always the hardest. You miss them more than ever during those moments.

So we hope you have found one of these messages you can use to say happy birthday in heaven to your mom and remember her on a special day.

happy birthday in heaven mom

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Happy birthday in heaven quotes and images

Losing someone special from our lives is tragic. Unfortunately even when we begin to come to terms with that loss there are still reminders of them. Birthdays, for example.

The birthday of a loved one we’ve lost can be a terribly hard time. Thinking of past celebrations and parties, imagining what we would be doing now if they were still with us, the reaction they had to gifts (both good and bad!) they received.

But because it’s hard doesn’t mean we should shy away from celebrating the birthday of a deceased. It can helps us to remember them, and keep them in our hearts.

Celebrating or commemorating their lives is important to the families and loved ones of those gone. Which is why many of us love to say ‘happy birthday in heaven’ to the important people we miss having in our lives.

Happy birthday in heaven quotes are a message or sentiment that says happy birthday to someone who has passed away. They can be words on their own or come as part of or alongside an image.

These images are usually an appropriate picture – in this case something less celebratory than a usual birthday picture – with the accompanying quote.

So if you want to wish someone in heaven a happy birthday but aren’t sure what to say or how to remember them then below you will find a selection of happy birthday in heaven pictures with quotes. These images are designed to help you wish that departed special person a birthday wherever they are looking down on you.

The images were created by us and our own. You are free to be share them on somewhere like Facebook or Twitter but please credit us if you use them on your website!

Table of Contents
For a Friend

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

I feel blessed to have had you as a friend and cherish all our memories together. I know you’re watching over me. Happy birthday

happy birthday in heaven my friend

No matter how long you’ve been gone I will never forget your birthday. Missing you so much

missing you so much birthday message

Though you’re not here we still wanted to celebrate your birthday and remember all the good times. We miss you dearly

I miss you dearly happy birthday

The angels will be looking after you on your birthday. Remembering how special and loved you are. Happy birthday my love

happy birthday my love in heaven

The world lost one of it best but the heavens gained an angel. Wishing you a happy birthday wherever you are

happy birthday wherever you are

You will forever be a part of me and live on in my heart. Heavens gain is our loss. Happy Birthday

Heavens gain is our loss happy birthday

Today, on your birthday, we honour your legacy and all the good you did. You will never be forgotten my friend

you will never be forgotten birthday

Losing you was one of the hardest things I had to go through but I take comfort knowing you’re in heaven now and at peace. Happy birthday

happy birthday you’re in heaven now at peace

It’s always on your birthday that I think back on all those wonderful times we had together. It makes me smile, laugh and cry. Happy birthday my darling up in heaven

happy birthday my darling up in heaven

Together in the same old way, would be my dearest wish today. Happy birthday

wish you happy birthday in heaven

You are the break in the clouds that let’s the sun shine through. Happy birthday, I miss you so much

I miss you so much birthday

You may have left us but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate your life and the memories we have of you. Wishing you a happy birthday

wishing you happy birthday in heaven

Life just isn’t the same without you. Happy birthday, and keep watching over us from the stars

birthday keep watching over us from the stars

The world was a brighter, more beautiful place with you in it. I miss you more every year, which is why I still take the time to say happy birthday, even though you’re gone

the world was a brighter place with you in it happy birthday

I know you’ll be celebrating a special birthday in heaven

celebrating a special birthday in heaven

We still feel your spirit and presence. Happy birthday from all of us down here to you in heaven

happy birthday to you up in heaven

Sending you birthday wishes from all those you left behind. We will meet again, but until then we remember you with so much fondness

sending birthday wishes to heaven

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom

Remember your mother on her birthday and wish her all the best up in heaven with these touching messages and wishes.

  • Today I remember all the wonderful birthdays we had together. I miss you beyond words mom. I hope you’re doing well and I will see you again, some day
  • Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you, mom. On today, your birthday, I will only remember the good times, and smile when I think of all we shared
  • May the winds of heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear, how much we love and miss you, and wish that you were here. Happy birthday mom
  • Happy birthday in heaven mom. You are more missed than you could ever know
  • Happy birthday mom. It’s those treasured memories we made that get me through the hard times like today. You remain loved and appreciated for all you did

happy birthday in heaven mom

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Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Say happy birthday to your dad with these sentiments about how much he is missed and how your remember him.

  • To my dad – miss you more each year but hold on to the memories we made. We’ll meet again, but until then I wish you a happy birthday, wherever you are
  • Daddy, you’ve been gone so long now but I still remember your birthday. It reminds me of all the best times we had, and I sit and think for a while about how much we shared. I hope you’re keeping a watch over me in heaven, and that you’re doing ok. Happy birthday
  • Even though you’re so far away I feel your presence with me every day. I miss you so much Dad. Happy birthday
  • I look up to the stars, see one shining so brightly, and know you’re up there watching over and protecting me. Happy birthday Dad, I love you
  • Heaven may have taken you but I still have a lifetime of memories to look back on. I will never forget you and always use your birthday to say how much you meant to me. Happy birthday daddy

happy birthday dad I love you

Brother in Heaven Happy Birthday Messages

Losing a siblings is awful, so taking the time to say happy birthday to them when it comes around is a nice way to keep their memory alive. Try these birthday messages and sayings for your departed brother.

  • My dearest brother, thinking of you on your birthday and missing you dearly. Nothing is the same without you, and I just hope you’re out there and know how much we miss you
  • Happy birthday bro, up there in heaven. You’re still missed more than I can say, and we love you more than ever
  • I was lucky enough to have made some truly amazing memories with you, and I often think back to all those brilliant times we had. Happy birthday dearest brother
  • Missing you desperately my special brother. Happy birthday from down here until we meet again
  • My love for you will never end. You will always be my special big brother and heaven can’t take that away. Happy birthday bro

Happy Birthday to a Sister in Heaven

Say happy birthday to your sister and remember the special times you had together.

  • My darling sister, you were taken far too soon, and heaven gained the most beautiful angel imaginable. Happy birthday from your baby bro
  • You were always my role model and the one I looked up to. I feel your presence even though you’re gone and miss you more every day. Happy birthday and all my love
  • The bond we had can never be broken. I hope you’ve found peace and know that my love for you is a strong as it ever was. Happy birthday
  • To my wonderful sister – my soul aches when I think of you, and the only comfort is I know we’ll be together again. Until that day I will light a candle and wish you happy birthday from afar
  • Sending my wishes to heaven to commemorate your birthday sister. With all my heart

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friends

When we lose a friend its heartbreaking. But we should never forget them. So use these words and sentiments to say happy birthday to friends no longer with us.

  • Sending birthday wishes to my best friend who was taken too soon. Happy birthday buddy and rest in peace
  • You are a one of a kind and the best friend anyone could ever hope to have. Not a day passes that I don’t miss you. Happy birthday up there in heaven
  • Each year I’m reminded of all the fun we had and it still makes me smile. Happy birthday to my best pal – here’s hoping your causing just as much mischief up in heaven as you did down here
  • Losing you was so hard for me, and life has never been the same. But even though you aren’t with us your spirit still lives on, and on your birthday we will celebrate as if you’re right here. Happy birthday to a legend
  • Our time together was short but I treasured every second. Happy birthday my dear, watching down on us from heaven

happy birthday my angel


Our grandparents become such important people in our lives so when one passes away it can be a real shock. Pay tribute to a lost grandmother on her birthday with these messages.

  • Happy birthday grandma. I really miss you and wish you were still here, but I treasure all the time I spent with you
  • You where always there when I needed advice and someone to turn to. I miss you but know you’re still guiding me from up in heaven. Happy birthday gran
  • Missing you more than ever on your birthday grandma. Hope you’re up in heaven smiling as we remember you
  • We were lucky to have had such an amazing gran, and we raise a glass to you up in the clouds on your birthday
  • To the best gran ever – happy birthday in heaven. You deserve as much love and celebration now as you did when you were with us

happy birthday grandma


A grandpa is just as special to us as a grandmother so remember his birthday with these comforting remembrance messages.

  • I try to pretend like I’m not missing you grandad but I really can’t, especially today. Happy birthday to a man we all miss so much
  • I know you’ll be having a laugh in heaven as we toast you on your birthday. Here’s to you grandad!
  • Happy birthday to a man who was as kind as he was warm. We miss him dearly and are sure he is up in heaven enjoying himself just as he did with us
  • Dear Grandad, I’m making sure your spirit lives on long after you’ve gone. Happy birthday wherever you are
  • You have left us but your memories and legacy are eternal. Happy birthday in heaven grandpa, rest in peace


Losing a child is devastating, and something no one will ever fully get over. But patents often want to celebrate their child’s birthdays even after they’ve gone. So use these birthday messages to remember your dearly departed son.

  • No mother should celebrate her sons birthday without him, but I’m sure you’re looking down on us from heaven as we remember you’re life
  • You are still the most wonderful son I could have dreamt of. I miss you every second of every day. Happy birthday my baby boy up in heaven
  • You were taken too soon from us and the pain is so raw. Today you would have turned ______ and we’re going to light a candle for each year. I miss you, you were my world. Happy birthday in heaven
  • Happy birthday to my son in heaven. Too young to be taken but never forgotten
  • You were everything to me, my special little guy, and now your one of the angels looking down on us. Happy birthday all the way up in heaven


If you’ve sadly lost your daughter too soon you may still want to wish her a happy birthday. These touching messages will help you to celebrate her birthday and remember her life.

  • You left a hole in my heart I will never be able to fill. I miss you more with each day you’re gone. Happy birthday my baby girl
  • You were taken from us too soon but you shone so bright no one could ever forget the light and warmth you brought to our lives. Happy birthday my darling, may you rest in peace
  • Your memory is all I have left, and I will never let that go. Happy birthday my baby, you’re in heaven now and none can hurt you
  • Happy birthday all the way up in heaven my darling daughter. I hope you’re doing well until the day we will be reunited
  • My girl, we will celebrate today just as we would if you were with us. Until we’re reunited in heaven – happy birthday my angel

happy birthday my baby daughter in heaven


  • Missing you like crazy auntie. Happy birthday and rest in peace
  • I miss your wisdom and your kind spirit auntie. We’ll meet again someday I’m sure. Happy birthday
  • To my dearly departed aunt, I hope you know how missed you are, especially on your birthday. We’re thinking of you always, and wishing you a happy birthday
  • Happy birthday aunt. It was so hard to say goodbye, I hope you’re at peace in heaven


  • Dearest uncle, you were my rock and such good friend. Wishing you a happy birthday all the way up in heaven
  • My heart broke when we lost you uncle. I still remember all the great times we had. Happy birthday and RIP
  • I still struggle to come to terms with you being taken from us uncle but I take solace in knowing you’re at peace in heaven surrounded by old friends. Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday uncle, may your spirit find eternal happiness in heaven