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12 of the Best Pet Loss Gift Ideas to Comfort those Grieving

The loss of a pet is just as difficult as losing a friend or member of the family. In fact our pets become members of the family.

We love them just as unconditionally. And when we lose them it hurts in the exact same way.

So if you know someone that has lost their beloved pet you may be thinking of sending them a sympathy card and gift. A thoughtful gift to those grieving can be a real boost to them.

It can raise their spirits when they’re feeling down and help them remember they’re not alone.

But you may be finding it difficult deciding what gift to get. A gift for the loss of a pet is often a little different from regular sympathy gifts.

Flowers are always a good choice for any bereavement. But aside from flowers it can be tricky knowing what represents the loss of a dog or cat (or other pet).

You want something personal and touching. Something that comes from the heart and shows some real thought has gone into it.

That’s what this guide is for. We believe these are the best pet loss gifts available.

So if you want some inspiration we’re certain that you’ll find the perfect pet loss gift here that offers some comfort and support to the bereaved.

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Pet Loss Gifts

Pet Loss Gifts

We’ve started off the list with some general loss of pet gifts that work well regardless of the type of animal it is that has passed away.

After that we’ve broken the different gift ideas down into categories for each type of pet.

That way you can find the perfect sympathy gift for someone who has lost a dog, a cat etc. if you want something a bit more specialised or personalised.

A popular choice of gift for those grieving, wind chimes are beautiful and understated ways to remember a lost loved one.

They can be placed in a spot that is special and significant to the bereaved, allowing them to always be reminded of their passed pet.

The Pawprints Left by You Windchime features 4 tubes that emit gentle, soothing tones, a touching sentiment on both sides of the paw print and paw print drop pendant.

You can get it personalized by having the deceased pets name engraved on it and comes ready to be given in lovely packaging – no gift wrap needed.

It would be the ideal gift for any dog or cat owner who has lost their beloved friend.

Remembering and keeping those memories of a departed pet is an important part of finding a great gift. For their owner to be able to have something to hold onto after they’ve passed is always going to be appreciated. You never want to forget your beloved pet.

That’s why this memorial shadow box is such a good idea. It preserves some of the most important keepsakes of their furry friend – a clay mould of their paw print, collar, photo in frame, and even hair.

All of it kept in a lovely memory box that can be stored or displayed as a reminder of their dearly departed pet.

Dog Memorial Gifts

Dogs are probably the most popular pets so try one of these gifts if someone you know has lost their precious pal.

After losing a pet or a person from our lives we feel lost and alone. Sometimes the only thing we want to do is cuddle under a warm blanket, shut out the world and remember them.

This cozy memorial blanket is ideal in those scenarios. It can offer comfort to those grieving and provide a little amount of support when they’re feeling down.

It comes with the “Pawprints Left by You” sentiment by Teri Harrison that really speaks to the feeling of losing your loyal friend, measures 60″ x 50″ and is 100% polyester.

There are no words that can possibly help when someone has lost their dog. But we can try to offer support and provide them with the ability to remember the positive memories they have of their pal.

This memorial stone is a simple and powerful way to remember a lost pup. It’s well made and heavy, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Place it in the garden in a special spot to mark their memory, somewhere the bereaved can go to reflect and reminisce. It can also be hung by a keyhole at the back, or could be placed in a mantel

Each stone has a different sentiment or quote that is fitting for the passed loved one.

A lovely and touching way to remember all the love and companionship a dog brings.

This beautiful picture frame is ideal for a fur baby that has passed away. Our beloved dogs leave such wonderful memories having pictures to look back on is

The frame is well made and of high quality wood, measuring 8×10″. The size of photograph the plaque holds is 4×6″

It comes with the touching sentiment – “You Were My Favorite Hello and My Hardest Goodbye”, and makes a wonderful gift for someone who had lost their dog.

This heartfelt gift for a passed pooch is a wonderful way to leave a loving tribute to them. Lighting a candle in memory of those we have lost is well known as a way to remember the fond memories of a beloved pet.

This stone memorial is subtle yet stylish and will look good in most places within the house. It’s also weatherproof so can be used in virtually any setting, both indoors or out.

It comes in a beautiful package for whoever is grieving and would be a moving sympathy gift for the loss of a dog.

Cat Memorial Gifts

Use the gift sympathy gifts to show your support and are thinking of someone who has lost their loved kittie.

After losing a beloved feline friend sending a gift is a nice gesture.

This statue, an angel cat figurine, is hand painted and made of resin. It has “loved” printed on the side and a cute fish collar/necklace.

It also comes with wildflower seeds and handmade seed paper that can be planted for a small memory garden. Flowers are a great accompaniment and

This key chain may only be small and simple but it’s still a sweet gift to give after the loss of a cat.

The “my angel has whiskers” sentiment will be instantly understood by any cat owner, and the cute charms are a nice touch.

It comes in a velvet pouch, making it ready to be gifted without any extra packaging needed. It’s made from stainless steel and measures 50x12mm.

This memorial paw print stone is suitable and meant for a dog or cat, and is a great sympathy gift to comfort the loss of either.

It’s a good weight and durable for withstanding the elements if placed outside.

It comes with the poem – “Missing your unconditional love and playful paws, we are now apart. Gone from our lives, but never from our heart” inscribed and has an area for you to place a picture of the departed pet.

Loss of Horse Gifts

Finding a gift for someone who has lost a horse is more difficult than common pets like dogs and cats. Try these ideas for

Memorial stones are very popular as sympathy gifts for pets who have passed and horses are no exception.

This stone, made from resin, has a beautiful horse with angel winds design on a heart shaped cutout. Above it features the sentiment “In loving memory of a faithful friend”.

It’s designed for outdoor use but could work just as well indoors as it has a keyhole hanger at the back.

The perfect gift for the owner of a sadly deceased horse or pony.

This stunning memorial plaque is a fantastic alternative to flowers or a card when sending your condolences to a horse lover.

Very well packaged with a card for giving as a gift, this sturdy and well made plaque conveys the emotion and love between owner and horse perfectly.

It can be placed in a special spot, hung from the wall or displayed with a stand (bought separately from the same company).

A really beautiful piece that isn’t too overbearing and would look wonderful in any home.

This keychain is a small but loving gift for anyone you know that has lost a horse.

It features a small horse charm and the engraving “you’ve left hoofprints forever on my heart”, a sentiment that will resonate with any horse lover.

It comes in a velvet jewellery bag and makes a lovely gift for anyone grieving their dearly departed horse.


Pets importance to their owners cannot be overstated. When they sadly pass away they are going to feel a huge sense of loss and grief.

So reaching out with a gift to show you understand and care is a lovely gesture.

Hopefully the pet loss gift ideas featured here will have helped you to offer your condolences and maybe cheer them up. At the least it will have shown them they aren’t alone and their friends and family are thinking of them.

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