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If you’re finding it difficult to come up with the right words for a sympathy card message, you’re not the only one. It is a problem that most people will face at some time.

What’s the correct thing to say? How can I express exactly what I feel in words? And how can I make sure it sounds genuine and doesn’t cause any additional upset to those grieving?

Some people even avoid sending a sympathy card completely. “People often refrain from contacting the bereft because they are afraid of upsetting him or her.” said Dr Jill Gross, Psy.D., psychologist, grief counselor and therapist. “Your loved one is already upset – what better time to hear from a trusted friend? I’ve heard so many grievers say they would rather their friends say the wrong thing than say nothing at all.”

Sympathy messages should be heartfelt and truthful, not forced and fake. Thankfully we can help you.

We have combined a large selection of sympathy card messages to give you ideas and inspiration for your own messages, making sure you will never have trouble thinking what to say.

So try some of the general sympathy card messages below that should be suitable for practically any card.

Table of Contents
For a Friend
Loss of Mother
Loss of Father
Loss of Husband
Loss of Wife
Loss of a Child
Loss of Sister
Loss of Brother
Loss of Grandmother
Loss of Grandfather
Loss of Coworker
Loss of a Pet
For Flowers
Writing your Own Message
How to Sign a Sympathy Card
When to Send a Sympathy Card
Sympathy Card Etiquette

Short Sympathy Messages

These sympathy messages and wishes are short and to the point. Sometimes you just want a few simple words for a card that acknowledges a loss and let’s someone know you’re thinking of them. If that’s the case then these are perfectly suited.

With Deepest Sympathy

With Heartfelt Condolences

Sharing your sadness

Always in our hearts

Our love and thoughts are with you

Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With You

Keeping you in our prayers

Thinking of you in these difficult times

Thinking of you

So sadly missed

We are very saddened to hear of your recent loss

My heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time

We would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family

We want to express our sympathy and let you know that our thoughts are with you

Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow.

Please remember that you are not alone. we are always here for you

May your memories give you peace and comfort

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same

Wishing you as much peace as possible during this difficult time

I am sending you a hug and my love through this note.

I wish you peace and healing during this time

We join all of you in your sorrow.

Our warmest condolences

Please accept my/our condolences

With caring thoughts

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

I am so deeply saddened by your loss

My heart is aching for you

I’m so sorry you’re having to go through such a difficult time

Never forgotten, always remembered

sympathy card message flowers saying

Long Sympathy Messages

If you want something a bit more expressive then a longer message will do the job. This allows you to expand further and offer your condolences in greater detail. You can use these as they are or as inspiration to write your own sympathy message. Finding the right words is tough but if you speak from the heart and are understanding then your message will be appreciated.

It seems so cruel to lose one so dear. Time may dull the pain, but we will never forget _______. Please accept my condolences.

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger

There are times when there are too few words left to heal us, when what we wish for is to be carried, when all we have left is the hope that tomorrow will be a more gentle place to land than today

It was with great sadness that we/I learned of _______’s passing. Please accept our heartfelt condolences and we hope that in a small way they help through these trying times

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life’s routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived

May memories of _______ and the love of family surround you and give you strength in the days ahead

Hold tight to memories for comfort, lean on your friends and family for strength, and always remember how much you are loved

Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart

I am at a loss for words during this sorrowful time. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort

Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about ______ death. We are here to support you in your grieving process. With sincere sympathy,

We share comfort in knowing _______ is no longer suffering. We send thoughts of sympathy and support to you as you begin your journey without _______

I am praying for you to get through this time with the peace that comes from the knowledge that God loves you and that He will take care of you

I hope you understand that when people write in a card, ‘Sorry for your loss,’ it is only because they can’t put together words to describe what they are wanting to express to you during this time. With that said, I am sorry for your loss

I was saddened to hear of your loss, and I realize you have lost a blessing from God. I pray that God will bless continue to bless you in other ways and strengthen you.

I wish I could do more than give you my sympathy. Please let me know how I can help. Know that I am here if you need anything, and I love you

I wish I could express to you all the appropriate words. All I can say is that I am sorry for your loss and that I want you to know that you mean a great deal to me

It was with great sadness that I learned of _______’s passing. Please accept my heartfelt condolences and I hope that in a small way they help through these trying times

I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now, but I want you to know that we are just a phone call away. My heartfelt condolences

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Sympathy Quotes

You can also use a quote to offer your sympathies to someone. Quotes work well as famous people have often said insightful, profound and comforting things in regards to loss and bereavement. So try one of these sympathy card quotes.

“What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.” – Helen Keller

“Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.” – Emily Dickinson

“We understand death only after it has placed its hands on someone we love.” – Anne L. de Stael

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart” – Gandhi

“A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again” – Maya Angelou

For more see our Sympathy Quotes.

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Sympathy Messages to a Friend

When it’s a friend you’re trying to comfort and offer condolences you will want to be more informal. They need support and the knowledge their friends and family are their for them. Hopefully the examples below will help to console them and with friends support show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m here for you, whatever you need

We’ll get through this together

Wishing you strength and peace during this awful time.

Remember that so many people are here for you if you need us. Please don’t hesitate to ask

If you need anything at all, be that to talk or some support when things get tough, I’ll be there for you

You are in my heart at such a difficult time. You have my deepest sympathies

It may not mean a lot but I hope my words of condolence can help bring you some comfort at this time

Take the time to heal and remember I’ll be here whenever you want to talk

May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. My most sincere condolences

I know that what you are going through right now is very difficult, just know that I am here for you. I am truly sorry for your loss

Try our Condolence Messages for a Friend for more examples

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Sympathy Messages for Loss of Mother

The loss of a mother is devastating and often some of the hardest times in anyone’s life. During this period the support and love of friends and family is key. Offer your sympathies and show you’re there for them with these condolence messages.

Your mothers amazing generosity and incredible spirit will never be forgotten. She was so special. My sincerest condolences

Your moms passing has been such a shock to us all. Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Stay strong

Everyone who knew your mom was touched by her presence. She was an incredible woman. We’re so sorry for your loss

I am here for you and your family if you need anything at all. Don’t hesitate to ask

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you during this tough time

More examples can be found with our sympathy messages for mother.

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Father

The loss of a father is as equally devastating as losing your mom. So the same should apply – console and support those grieving, and offer your condolences with one of the messages below.

The loss of your dad will leave a hole in so many people’s lives. Please accept our deepest condolences

I’m here for you if need anything, even just to talk. I’m so sorry for your loss

My sincerest condolences to you and your whole family

Your father was a great man blessed with a heart of gold. He will be greatly missed

I hope you can take a little comfort from knowing everyone who met your dad knew what a fantastic person he was. His Loss will affect us all deeply

For further examples try our sympathy messages for father.

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Husband

The loss of a spouse is always utterly heartbreaking. If you know someone grieving their lost husband then reach out to them and let them know they are in your thoughts.

I am deeply sorry for the loss of your husband. He was a wonderful man and I will miss him so much. All my love and condolences

I was so shucked and saddened to learn of your husbands death. I am going to miss him more than I can say. You are in my thoughts and prayers

My deepest condolences for the loss of your husband. I can’t begin to imagine how hard this is for you and realise these words will offer little to help but I am here if you need me. I am so sorry

I hope that friends and family are there to offer their comfort and support when you need it most. Your husband was such a fantastic guy and he will never be forgotten

I feel honored to have known your husband. He was such a gentleman; kind and generous to all who were lucky to meet him. I can only express my heartfelt sadness and condolences to you for your loss. May he rest in peace

For more ideas and examples see our sympathy messages for the loss of a husband or the loss of an ex husband

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Wife

Use these example sympathy sentiments to offer your support to someone mourning their passed wife.

My heartfelt condolences for the loss of your wife. She was so loved by those who knew her, and her generosity and infectious spirit made her truly special. We have lost her far too soon

I was deeply shocked to hear of your wife’s passing. I hope you can find comfort in beloved memories of her and lean on loved ones for support. My sincerest sympathy for your tragic loss

I know there is nothing I can say to ease your pain. All I can offer is a friendly ear or shoulder to cry on any time you might need someone. You will be in my thoughts and prayers

Please accept my most sincere condolences for the loss of your beloved wife. Her warmth and friendly nature made her one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I can’t quite believe she’s really gone. May she never be forgotten

Your wife was a unique and special person. There will never be anyone like her and it is a poorer world without her in it. All my sympathy sad love during this terrible time

If you would like some further help then try our touching sympathy messages for the loss of a wife

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Child

No words could ever hope to help a parent that has lost a child. It is a unimaginable pain and all you can hope to do is to offer your support to grieving parents and be there in their time of need.

I can’t begin to imagine how hard this is for you. There are no words that I could say that could hope to ease your pain. I am just so deeply sorry

Your daughter may have only been with us for a brief moment but she brought so much joy to the world. She was an angel who we will remember for eternity

Your beloved son was a shining light to everyone. May the knowledge of just how loved and how much happiness he brought to so many people bring you some small comfort

I wish more than anything I could take some of your pain away. I will be with you all the way through this though and be there for you whatever you need

It is beyond cruel to lose a child so young. No one should have to say goodbye to their baby. I am so sorry and offer you all my love and support over the coming weeks and months

For more help see our guide to miscarriage condolences or words of sympathy for the loss of a child

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Sister

The loss a sister can be extremely harrowing. Siblings become very close and to lose someone you had such a bond with is heartbreaking. If you were close to them then send a few words to show you care and share your memories of their sister.

You have my deepest condolences after the loss of your sister and you will be in my thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks. I’m so very sorry

Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy for the death of your sister. She was a fantastic person and someone I felt lucky to call my friend

There is nothing that could console you during this time but please know that we are here for you if you need anyone. You have all our sympathy for the loss of your beloved sister

Your sister shall never be forgotten. Her memory will live on in the hearts all who knew her

There never was and never will be anyone as special as your sister. She will be with you forever. All my sympathy

For more message examples see our words of sympathy for the loss of a sister

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Brother

Much like losing a sister, a brothers death is devastating to the siblings. If you agent sure how to send your sympathy then these messages should help you to find some appropriate words.

There are few people who made such an impact on those who knew them like your brother. The world seems a smaller place now he is gone. I’m really so sorry and sad about his passing

I don’t know how much comfort it will bring you but your brother will live long in the memory of those who knew him and his life celebrated for having such a positive impact on so many

I am grateful to have had the chance to get to know your brother. He was such a loving and fun guy, and will be missed dearly

I know just how close you and your brother were and how losing him must hurt so much. I am very sorry and hope you can find some strength in the warm embrace of family and friends

It is heartbreaking to learn of your brothers passing. I understand my words can’t begin to mend your broken heart but I am always there for you if you need me

More help can be found with our 44 loss of brother quotes and messages

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Grandmother

To many the loss of a grandmother is almost as painful as losing a parent. Grandparents are such important parts of our lives and offer such wisdom and warmth. Send a message that focuses on the memories they had of their beloved grandma and all they meant to her.

Everyone who was blessed to have met and known your grandmother will say the same thing: she was the kindest and most warm-hearted woman you could hope to meet. I am so distressed to learn she has passed away and send my condolences to you and your whole family

To lose your grandmother is always so devastating. May the treasured memories you have of her provide some comfort through a tragic period

Your grandmother lead an extraordinary life and one that should be celebrated. I know how much she meant to you so hope you’re coping. My condolences

Those who are dearest to us cause the greatest pain when we lose them. May the cherished moments you shared you with grandma keep her memory alive and with you forever. My sincerest condolences and sympathy

It was with real sadness I learnt of the loss of your grandmother. I will remember her for the kindness and love she showed everyone

If you would like more examples then see our loss of grandmother quotes and messages

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Grandfather

A grandfathers passing is just as sad as a grandmothers. You should try to give them hope and reminisce on the happier moments they had with their grandpa.

I’m deeply sorry for your grandfathers passing. He was a real character and could always make me laugh. I will remember that the most – the laughter. I hope you’re coping and wish you better days ahead

There are few who will ever forget your grandfather. He made such a mark on the world and we, but most importantly you and your family, were lucky to have had him. I know a loss like this will be hard to get over but I wish you strength and comfort

Your grandfather would have wanted us to celebrate his life. He achieved so much and was so loved. May his legacy and memory never be forgotten

We were saddened to learn of your grandfathers death and wanted to reach out and offer our sympathy. We hope you are holding up ok and have the love and support of those closest to you to help you through

You are in my thoughts as you mourn the loss of your beloved grandfather. May his memory always be a blessing

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Sympathy Messages for Loss of a Coworker

Many coworkers become close friends to us so when we lose one it can very sad. Reach out to your colleagues when they are mourning a loss and offer them your support.

My heart goes out to you during such a difficult time. Work becomes redundant when we lose someone so special. Just focus on getting through your grief and know everyone is there for you

Wishing you and your family much love and strength. Working with your father was a pleasure and I will miss him enormously

May you find comfort and peace after losing such a special loved one. My sincerest sympathy to you and your entire family

I was fortune enough to work with your mom and she was a lovely woman. I know I speak for everyone at the company when I say she will be missed dearly

Everyone in the office is thinking of you and sending our condolences for your loss

See more: 42 condolence messages for coworkers and colleagues

Sympathy Messages for Loss of a Pet

Pets aren’t just our animal friends, they become part of the family. So to lose one is often as painful as losing a family member. That’s why you should treat it the same and offer your condolences regardless of your own views on pets.

Our pets bring us such joy and happiness but for such a short time. To love one is to know you will lose them. My condolences

I know how close you were to your furry friend and send my sympathy for her passing. May the memories you have bring you some comfort amongst the grief

Saying goodbye to someone so special and loving is incredibly hard. You are in my thoughts as you mourn your departed friend

Your beloved pet will live on long in your heart and your cherished memories will never leave you. You have my sympathy

Our pets become more than just pets – they become family. So to lose one is heartbreaking. I am very sorry

Our pet condolence messages have even more examples, or try our pet loss poems and quotes for extra comforting ideas. For more specific condolences we have loss of dog, cat and horse quotes.

Religious Sympathy Messages

If the bereaved are religious or have a then a Bible verse or faith based message might be the most appropriate for a sympathy card to them.

I am praying that God will give you strength and courage to get through this tragedy

The Lord will provide you peace when you need it most. He will embrace you in his love and bring light when there is only darkness

When we are faced with such testing times the Lord will provide the love we do desperately need and guide us through the storms

We are praying for you and your family in such difficult times. We hope your faith can help you find some solace and peace as you grieve

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted – Matthew 5:4

We have more religious resources like our religious sympathy messages, Bible verses about loss and Catholic & Christian prayers for the dead.

meaningful sympathy message

Meaningful Sympathy Messages

You might want your words of sympathy to be more profound and say something meaningful. These examples are a bit deeper in there message and speak directly to the heart of those grieving.

Wishing you comfort and peace to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart

Words will not wipe away your tears and hugs may not ease the pain, but hold on to your memories because forever they will remain

Wishing the love of friends and family, strength to face each day and warm memories to forever hold on to

There are special people in our lives that never leave us, even after they are gone

As long as we hold on to those memories of a loved one then they are never truly far away and will live on in our hearts

uplifting sympathy message

Uplifting Sympathy Messages

Sometimes positivity is needed when facing dark times. Whilst not always appropriate you may feel an uplifting message is required to try and give those grieving hope.

You have so many people who care for you and will be there for you through the bad times. Although the pain of loss will hurt for a long time you eventually see the light at the end of tunnel, and we will be with you all the way

We are sending our hugs and love to you and your family. You will be in our thoughts and we will do all we can to help you through this dreadful time

The memories of your loved one will live in in our hearts and our minds. Although they may be gone in person they will never truly leave us. Those wonderful memories are ours to keep and can never be taken from us

Remember the good times and the happiness your loved one brought to you. If you remember them then they are never truly gone

We wish you better days ahead and the strength to get through the grief you’re feeling. Please know you are always in my thoughts

Words of Sympathy for Flowers

Sending flowers after a death is common and often comes with a note for a few words. These examples are designed to be short and ideal for a message to go with a beautiful bouquet.

I hope these flowers can say more than our words could

May the beauty of these flowers remind you of your loved one and these few words show you are constantly in our thoughts

I hope flowers will demonstrate our love and condolences more than mere words can. All our sympathy to you and your family

May [name] rest in peace and always be remembered for the incredible person they were

With my deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy to you and your family

Belated Condolences

Sometimes you find out about someone’s passing some time after the event. If so then you can still offer your sympathy even if it’s delayed.

I’m extremely sorry that this is later than I would have liked. There is no excuse, I just hope you are coping after your loss. Please accept my condolences

I only just learned of the tragic news and am very sorry for your friends passing. I will be thinking of you

I always want to be there for you when you need me and I can want this time. I hope you can forgive me and know that I am very sorry for the pain you’re going through. My condolences for your loss

I am late with this message and for that I apologize. May you be comforted by those closest to you and find the strength to battle through a truly distressing time

I’m here for you now. I will do all I can to help you through this. Whatever you need I will be there for you

If you are late with your condolences try this guide to sending your belated sympathy

Writing your Own Sympathy Message

You may prefer to write or come up with your own sympathy message. With something as personal as reaching out to someone after a loss it’s understandable to want what you say to be in your own words.

If so then consider and take into account these points when writing your words of condolence:

  • Keep what you say short and to the point. You don’t need to write paragraphs. A sentence or two is enough to convey your feelings of sorrow and sadness.
  • Think about who the card is for. The recipient will decide how you word it and the type of message you use. For example if an acquaintance loses someone then the message you write will be very different to if a close family member had.
  • Always talk about the deceased in a positive way, even if your relationship wasn’t that good.
  • If you can then sharing a brief sentence or two about how special they were and what they meant to you is appropriate.

What Not to Say

As this is such a sensitive time for those suffering a loss there are a few things you will want to avoid saying to make sure you don’t cause offence.

  • Don’t compare a loss you’ve suffered to theirs. Each is individual and unique, and by comparing them you could make there’s feel less important
  • Avoid using anything like “it’s for the best” or “it was Gods plan”. These sorts of phrases may be well intentioned but make assumptions that the person suffering the Loss could disagree with.
  • Try to always send an actual card rather than an email or Facebook message. A card always shows you’ve made an effort and put some thought into it
  • Don’t go into unnecessary details about the person’s death. Going over the cause of their passing just brings up unwanted memories
  • And never bring up money or a will. This isn’t the time and would be very disrespectful

For further ideas and help see our sympathy message writing tips.

How to Sign a Sympathy Card

Signing your sympathy card isn’t that different from how you might sign other cards. The recipient will again decide the type of closing you use.

These are a few example closings for sympathy cards:

  • My sincerest sympathy
  • Sending my love
  • With caring thoughts
  • Wishing you peace
  • Wishing you strength for today and hope for tomorrow

For a more thorough guide and further examples then we have a guide on how to sign a sympathy card.

When Should you Send a Sympathy Card

You should should try to send a sympathy card sooner rather than later. The sooner the better, really. On learning of someone’s death you might reach out with a text message or something very instant but send your sympathy card a few days later.

Even if you’re late you should still try to offer your condolences at some point. Later is better than never.

Sympathy Card Etiquette

There are often many questions around sending a sympathy card and message. When to send it, what not to say, do you include money or a gift, how long to wait etc.

The main thing to do though is to make sure you offer your sympathy to those grieving. Be that via a gift, card, text message or in person.

The “rules” about how to do it should come second to the actual act of offering your support and comfort.

If you aren’t sure about an aspect of sending you condolences then we have an etiquette guide for sympathy cards, sending condolences and for sympathy gift etiquette.

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What to Write in a Sympathy Card: The Ultimate Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide on what to write in a sympathy card. Period.

You’ll find over 130 sympathy messages for friends, family, coworkers and more on this page. As well as a complete guide to writing your own sympathy card messages.

So if you’re struggling with what to say in a sympathy card, this is the post for you.

Table of Contents
Sympathy Message Examples
Short and Simple
For a Friend
Writing your Own Sympathy Message
What Not to Write
Signing Your Card

Sympathy Message Examples

Writing a sympathy message can be hard. Finding the appropriate words and offering your condolences in a fairly short, simple way is difficult for most of us.

These examples should help to show you the sort of sympathy messages and sentiments that you can express in your card.

  • I’m/we’re so sorry for your loss. You are in my/our thoughts and prayers
  • Please know we’re thinking of you during this terrible time. If there’s anything you need we are here for you. Stay strong.
  • I know nothing I can say will help ease the pain but I wanted you to know you are firmly in my thoughts and I’m hoping you can find support in the loved ones around you
  • I’ll always remember ______ with such fondness and warmth. Those memories I have will live on forever and be cherished for years to come
  • You have my deepest condolences for the loss of such a wonderful person
  • Even though the pain will dull with time we will never forget _______
  • It was with great sadness we/I learned of _______’s passing. In these difficult times we/I wanted to offer our sincerest condolences and hope you find love and support
  • My heart goes out to you. Wishing you much love and support
  • It’s beyond cruel to lose someone we loved so dear. We’re so deeply sorry for your loss.
  • We feel blessed to have known _____ and their memory will live on in all of us

Sympathy message for a loved one

Short and Simple Sympathy Messages

You may want to say just a few short words of condolence in your card. Keeping things simple and not saying too much can often be more appropriate.

The following examples are suitable for most situations and can be used in a card or in person.

  • You are in my thoughts during this difficult time. Please accept my sympathies
  • You and your family will be in my prayers
  • Please accept heartfelt condolences
  • I was so saddened to hear of your loss
  • My heart is with you in this trying time
  • Know that you are in my thoughts and prayer
  • You have my sincerest sympathy
  • You are always in my thoughts
  • I hope you can find some peace and comfort
  • May God bless and comfort you

Condolence Messages For a Friend

A friend losing a loved one is never easy. We don’t want to see a close friend grieving or in pain. So expressing your sympathy for their loss and being there for them is part a strong friendship.

Try to show your support and offer anything they may need. And don’t be afraid to show your compassion and empathy in your sympathy wishes to them.

  • Words can’t fully express how sorry I am for your loss. I’m thinking of you at this terrible time and am there for you whatever you need
  • I was so sad to hear of the passing of _____. I know how close you were and just wanted to reach out and offer my condolences
  • Sending you comforting thoughts and wishes. I hope you’re feeling ok and know that I’m here if you need me
  • May your family and friends offer the support, strength and love you need in this tremendously difficult time
  • I can’t begin to understand what you’re going through but am here if you need anyone to talk to.
  • _____’s memory will never be forgotten, and I hope you can find comfort in the people who love you
  • Sending my deepest sympathies for your terrible loss
  • The loss of ______ came as such a shock. I know how hard this must be for you. May you find comfort in those around you and some peace during this tough time
  • Losing someone so special to us is unbearable. My words will have little comfort but please know you’re in my thoughts and prayers during this awful time
  • The memory of _____ and they’re incredible life will remain with us forever. They were truly special and we will miss them so much. My deepest condolences

If you want more help with what to write in a sympathy card to a friend then try our condolence messages for friends.

condolence message

Sympathy Messages for loss of Mother

The loss of someone as important as a mother is heartbreaking for her children. It’s an incredibly difficult time for them and one that should be handled with sensitivity.

Use your message to be positive about the persons mother. Maybe mention a story or anecdote about them. Or just a fond memory you have. Whatever it is, show your respects with a heartfelt message of sympathy for the loss of a mother.

  • Nothing I can say will ease the pain but I hope you can take a small amount of comfort knowing that so many care about you. You have my most sincere condolences
  • Our mothers are the most important and special people in our lives, and yours was truly one in a million. She was an amazing woman and I’m so deeply sorry for your loss
  • To try and comfort you when you have lost your mother is pointless. All I will say is she was an incredible person and I will miss her dearly
  • The love of a mother is an unbreakable bond that will live on forever. You will always have her in your heart and her memory will remain amongst all who knew her
  • You and your family are in my prayers. I’m so sorry for your loss
  • I hope you can take comfort from knowing the incredible inspiration your mother was to others. Everyone who knew her was influenced and inspired by her warmth and kindness. She will be missed so much
  • You have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your mother. She was a remarkable woman and will be sorely missed
  • The time I spent with your mother are some of the happiest memories I have. She was always smiling, so cheerful and just a pleasure to be around. Her loss leaves behind a gaping hole in all our hearts. If you need anything during this time then please don’t hesitate to ask
  • I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you and your family. Please accept my condolences and you will be in my prayers
  • Your mother was loved by all who knew her. Those touched by her mere presence share your grief and we wanted to extend our sincere condolences for her loss

For even more examples of what to write in a sympathy card for loss of mother then use our example words of sympathy for the loss of a mother.

Sympathy Messages for loss of Father

Much like losing a mother, the loss of a father will be devastating to his family. In a time like this it can be comforting for his children to be reminded of the sort of man he was. Reflect on the positive qualities he had and how you admired him. The examples here should give you an idea of how to express those condolences.

  • Your father was a great man and his loss will be felt by so many. He will be missed greatly. You have my deepest condolences
  • I will always remember your dads amazing sense of humor and laughter. He brought joy with him wherever he was. His loss is heartbreaking
  • Here’s to one of the greatest men I knew – your father. I’m going to miss him so much. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences
  • I saw how strong the bond was between you and your father. I can’t begin to understand your pain but wanted to offer my support and any help you might need
  • I hope you will find some comfort in knowing that your dad was beloved by all who knew him. He was a great man and leaves behind a brilliant legacy. I’m so sorry for your loss
  • I’m truly sorry for the loss of your father – a wonderful man. If you need to talk or just someone to listen then don’t hesitate in getting in touch
  • Your father was a kind hearted, warm and generous man. You have my most sincere condolences on his passing
  • We will remember your dad as the life and soul of the party he was. I will celebrate his life and the good times we had. I’m very sorry for your loss
  • You and your family are in my thoughts during this extremely difficult time
  • You will be in my prayers hoping you can find some comfort as you mourn your father

If you need more help with what to write in a sympathy card for loss of father then try our words of sympathy for the loss of a father.

Loss of Son Sympathy Card Messages

There can be nothing as painful as losing a child. Most of us will be unable to comprehend the pain and heartbreak it brings. A parent outliving their son is one of life’s tragedies.

Words will do nothing to help that pain but showing they are loved and have people who care for them may bring some comfort. So use the sympathy messages below to try and offer some solace in such a dreadful time.

  • I have no words to help you heal and can offer nothing other than my support. I’m just so terribly sorry for your loss
  • There are no right things I could say at this time, just that I am here for you
  • There can be no pain more terrible and deep than that of losing a son. My heart, soul and prayers go out to you
  • I was truly blessed to have known your son. He can never be replaced and was such a special person. You have my deepest sympathy
  • The popularity of your son is testament to how much he was loved. He spread happiness everywhere and we were lucky to have had him in our lives. We are so sorry for his passing
  • The joy filled smile of your baby boy is something all who met him will cherish. He was beyond special. Please accept our heartfelt condolences
  • I wish I could say or do something that might lessen your pain. Please don’t think twice about reaching out for help if you need it
  • Your son will not be forgotten and his imprint in our lives last forever. Sending the warmest thoughts and condolences at the incredibly sad time
  • I am beyond sorry for your devastating loss. My heart aches for you and your family
  • Your son was an amazing person who will be remembered for all the great things he did. I wish you some peace during this terrible time

sympathy message for loss of son

Loss of Daughter Sympathy Card Messages

The loss of a daughter will be equally as crushing as that of a son. Try to offer your condolences on the most thoughtful way you can with these sympathy messages.

  • Your baby girl’s memory will last forever in the memory of all that we’re privileged to know her. We are very sorry for your loss
  • My most sincere condolences to you and your family. It is unfair and a tragedy to lose someone as young and vibrant as your daughter. She will be missed greatly
  • Your daughters spirit and soul created memories that will live on after her. The loss is incomprehensible and we are so sorry
  • Please remember that we will be with you during this time of grief. Don’t hesitate to reach out
  • Your wonderful daughter was loved by all. She has been taken too soon and will always be in our hearts
  • It’s hard to think of a world without ______ in it. She was such a vibrant, beautiful woman and I still can’t believe she is gone. You have my deepest sympathies
  • Even now the loss of your daughter is still hard to make sense of. I just can’t believe she is gone. My heart goes out to you during this awful time
  • My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you can find some strength to make it through
  • I only wanted to send this note to let you know if you need someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on I will always be there for you
  • I can only hope you eventually find some peace. My sincerest condolences

Condolences for Loss of Husband

Losing anyone from your life is terrible. But the loss of a spouse is one of the worst. For someone you have loved more than almost anyone and have spent your life with – the pain will be immense.

So if you know someone that has suffered the loss of their husband then these words of sympathy should offer support in their time of grieving.

  • Your husband was a good man, and his passing has affected us greatly. He will be deeply missed. Our condolences
  • I will never forget what a great friend and Dad your husband was. I can’t believe he’s gone and wish you my most heartfelt sympathies
  • Your husband was the definition of a great guy. He made time for everyone and was always a joy to be around. We can’t express how much we will miss him
  • The memories I have of your husband are some of my fondest. Every time I think of him I smile. You and your entire family are in my constant thoughts
  • Your husbands quiet strength and dignity was an inspiration. I looked up to him in so many ways. I’m going to miss him dearly and will be there for you whatever you may need
  • We will celebrate his life and all the good he did. There will be tears but his memory won’t be forgotten. You have our deepest sympathy for your loss
  • I can’t imagine the pain you are suffering, but I will always be here for you, and am just a phone call away
  • Nothing I can say will help gifts make things better but please know that I’m thinking of you constantly. You have my deepest sympathy for your loss
  • I hope loved ones and family can help you find strength to get through what is an absolute tragedy. My sympathies for your loss
  • Sending love and courage to get through the coming days. We won’t ever forget your husband

Condolence Messages for Loss of Wife

As with losing a husband, the loss of a wife will affect their partner and family profoundly. Show your support and reach out to offer some comfort with a touching sympathy card message.

  • Although she is gone the memories of her will live on forever. Hold on to those and keep the memories alive. Sending you our love and prayers
  • Your wife was a truly amazing woman. Her love and warmth was appreciated by all who knew her. I’m so sorry for your loss
  • Sending loving thoughts and thinking of you during this horribly sad time
  • No words could adequately describe the pain you’re having to go through. Your wife will be missed greatly but the light she brought to so many lives not forgotten
  • No words will ever be enough to express the sorrow I feel for your lost wife. But I hope you can take some comfort from knowing I’ll be there for you
  • ______ was a truly wonderful person. When we heard the news our hearts broke. We’re if you need is for anything
  • Your wife is irreplaceable and will never be forgotten. We will miss her more than words can say
  • I can’t comprehend the loss of someone so important like your wife. But her life won’t be forgotten, and her memories will live on in our hearts. Our thoughts are with you
  • Hold on to the countless good times you had. I hope you can stay strong and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to talk
  • Sending the deepest condolences to you and your whole family

Loss of Brother Sympathy Message Examples

Siblings are often extremely close to one another. So losing a brother will have a dramatic and painful impact on his brothers and sisters.

Show your understanding and empathy with a heartfelt condolence message for the loss of a brother. Use the examples below to help.

  • I was so sad to learn of the passing of your brother. I will cherish the memories I have of him. If you need anything at all I’m here for you
  • I know what a close bond you and your brother had, so his loss must have been so much harder for you. I just wanted to pass on my condolences
  • Learning of your brothers death was such a shock. He was a great friend and everyone was so delighted to have known him. You have my deepest sympathy for your loss
  • Losing a sibling must be incredibly hard and my thoughts are with you as you mourn your brother
  • We are all grieving for this tragic loss. Your brother was beloved by all who knew him and will be revered as a special guy. I hope you can fund strength and love in those surrounding you
  • Your brother was taken too soon and will leave behind a huge hole in many lives. I hope you and your family can find peace after such a tragic loss
  • Sending my love after the loss of your dear brother. Please pass my condolences to your entire family
  • May the memories of your bother provide some comfort during this dreadful time. Please accept my condolences
  • Your brother was as kind as he was brace. It was an honor to have known him. May he rest in peace
  • We were privileged to get to know your brother. That time we have we will always be thankful for. My deepest condolences to you and your while family

Loss of Sister Sympathy Message Wording

Just as with losing a brother, the loss of a sister will be impossible to bear. Her siblings will be bereft with the death of their beloved family member. Try to be there for them and show that through a supportive sympathy message.

  • I cannot imagine a world without your sister. She was so vibrant and bubbly. I just can’t believe she’s gone. I’m going to miss her more than words can say. You have my deepest sympathy
  • i wish I had one more day just to tell your sister what she meant to me. I will miss her every day. I am so sorry for your loss
  • Your sister was an inspiring and brilliant person. I feel like the world is already a less special place without her. May she rest in peace
  • She may be gone but her life lives on through the memories we made together. My condolences to you
  • I will be forever grateful to have known your sister. She was always so upbeat and happy. I will miss her so deeply
  • I just wanted to extended my sincerest condolences to your family for the loss of your sister. She will be remembered for only good
  • I was so sorry to hear of your sisters passing. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this awful time
  • I know that nothing I can do will comfort you but I wanted to reach out and say how much your sister will be missed. If you need to talk, I’m here
  • We were so deeply sorry to hear of your loss. She was a wonderful woman who’s time was cut so short. Our sympathies
  • I know your site would have wanted you to stay strong even during this time of loss. She was a remarkable person and will be deeply missed

Loss of a Coworker Sympathy Sentiments

Work colleagues may not be as close as family or friends. But losing someone you are used to seeing every day at work can be deeply affecting.

Use these messages to send a sympathy note or card to the family of your coworker expressing your sorrow for their loss.

  • I enjoyed working with ______ so much and his/her cheerful personality was appreciated by everyone in the office. They will be dearly missed
  • ______ made coming to work every day that bit more enjoyable. I’m going to miss him/her. My condolences
  • I was so sad to hear of your loss. Whilst I didn’t work much with _____ I always found him/her to be a generous and friendly. I’m very sorry for your loss
  • ______ was a legend of our office. They will always be in our hearts
  • Wishing you peace and hope in these difficult times
  • The office just won’t be the same without _____. My thoughts are with you
  • We have all felt the loss of _____ at work and we are all sending our condolences
  • I know we weren’t very close but I wanted to extend my sympathy for your loss
  • We lost not only a coworker, but also a friend. They will be missed. Condolences for your loss
  • I will remember ______ with a great fondness. Work won’t feel the same without them. You have my condolences

What to Write in a Sympathy Card for Someone you don’t Know Well

Writing a sympathy message for someone you don’t know well can be even more difficult than to a loved one. Striking the right tone and using appropriate words is important. Use these examples as a guide for what to say.

  • Although we don’t know each other well I wanted to send my condolences for your loss. I hope you will accept my sympathy and thoughts
  • We never had the opportunity to meet but I knew your husband/wife well and wanted to pass on my condolences. Their good nature and kindness will be missed. Wishing you all my sympathy
  • My deepest condolences for your loss. Although I never had the chance to meet your mother/father I remember how highly you spoke of them and how close you were. My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow
  • We may not be all that close but I know how hard things must be for you. Please accept my sympathy for your loss
  • Although our connection is limited I understand the pain a loss like you’ve experienced causes. I will be thinking of you

Loss of Pet Sympathy Card Messages

We love our pets just as much as family. They become equally as important to us, and we grieve their loss in the same way. The passing of a pet is deeply moving and will be felt very strongly by their owners.

So you should offer your condolences and sympathy in the same way you would any other loss. Show respect and understand for the bereaved and their grief.

  • I know how close you and ______ were. I hope the lovely memories you made together can provide some comfort as you grieve. He/she will always be in your heart
  • You and your family are in my thoughts as you mourn the loss of a lovable pet and true friend
  • The loss of a pet is always hard, even more so when they’ve had such a huge impact on our lives. That love and friendship will never die though, and the memories live on in us forever
  • Losing your furry friend in such a sudden way is heartbreaking. Accept my most heartfelt condolences
  • Dogs show the sort of loyalty and unconditional love that makes your heart swell. To lose that is beyond cruel. I’m wishing you my sincerest sympathies
  • I was so sad to learn of the loss of your adorable cat. She was so friendly and I know how much you’ll miss her
  • Having to make the decision to put your beloved pet down is devastating. But you were the most wonderful owner she/he could have had and your courage in putting her/his wellbeing first is admirable. You have my deepest sympathies
  • Losing a family member, which a pet is, is a tragedy. I’ll be thinking of you and sending loving thoughts
  • The wonderful memories you shared with ______ will live on. They will be greatly missed and I’m so sorry for your loss
  • These words will do little to ease your pain but I’m thinking of you as you mourn your loss

Writing your Own Sympathy Message

If you make the decision to write your own sympathy message, rather than using one of the examples above, then you can follow some steps to get the perfect wording and format.

Whilst it may seem daunting trying to find the best words of condolence, it doesn’t have to. Most people will appreciate the time and effort you have taken to write and send a sympathy card.

Even if your words aren’t absolutely perfect, as long as you are sincere and they come from the heart then they will be received with gratitude and warmth.

Try following these guidelines:

Who is the Recipient

The way you write your sympathy message and the tone you take is determined by who it is intended for. A close family member will receive a very different type of message than an acquaintance.

If you aren’t very close to them then a short, simple condolence message is probably best. Avoid being too emotional or sentimental as it could be seen as inappropriate if you aren’t a family member or close friend. The same applies for jokes or anything humorous.

If the card is going to a friend or family member then you should be more open with what you say. You can talk about how much you will miss the deceased, what a great person they were, perhaps retell a short story you remember fondly involving them. You will want your message to be positive in the way it talks of the dead, and should be somewhat upbeat rather than focusing on the suffering they are going through.

Offering Help

Offering support and an ear to listen when someone has suffered a bereavement is a kind gesture. It’s the sort of thing that should definitely be included in a sympathy card, providing the recipient is someone you know well.

Losing someone causes untold grief, but alongside that there are things like a funeral that need to be arranged and belongings sorted. This can be overwhelming for many when combined with the effects of grieving and still having to live your own life (job, children etc).

So when sending your sympathy message, if you can, offer to help in some way. Even something as simple as taking the children to school for them or helping with parts of the funeral will be greatly appreciated.

Card Etiquette

Alongside deciding what to write on a sympathy card there are often questions around the etiquette in sending one. When is the right time to send it? Am I too late? Should I include a gift? And many more.

Hopefully the following will clear up any doubts you have and show the best way to navigate those questions.

When to Send it?

There isn’t any real set time frame for sending a sympathy card. The sooner the better, really. Sometimes that’s easier said than done though, especially if you only find out about the passing of someone a significant time after it has happened. So a few months would still be acceptable. But when possible, aim for sending it as quickly as you can

If you’re concerned you’re too late there is no harm in referencing it in your message – “I’m really very sorry for how late I am with this card”

Should I Send Flowers?

It’s certainly not mandatory and you shouldn’t feel compelled to do so. In most cases a sympathy note or card will be more than enough.

However, if you wanted to send a bouquet of flowers that would, I’m sure, be very appreciated. Sending flowers to offer sympathy for a loss is very common so wouldn’t be an odd gesture. They often come with a small card or note that you could write your message of condolence on.

Is an Email/Using Social Media Acceptable?

A sympathy card should be the priority. Whilst using Facebook to offer condolences is common now, it is very impersonal. Especially if you know and are close to the deceased or family. Where it may be more appropriate is if you didn’t know the deceased well. But a card will always be more thoughtful.

Should I Avoid Religion?

The decision regarding religion will come down to your own judgement. Only you know the recipient and their views towards religion. A very strong atheist is unlikely to appreciate any form of religious message. A devout Christian wouldn’t.

Generally most people won’t take offence to words like “you are in my prayers” but anything more than that may make some feel uncomfortable. The best thing to do is if you’re worried then avoid it, just to be on the safe side.

Following Up

In the future it might be quite nice to send an anniversary card to mark the passing. The anniversary of a loved ones death may bring back those feelings of heartache and grief experienced originally. So receiving a card with more words of support and comfort on that anniversary can be very touching. But it will not be seen as rude to not do this. Just that it might be a nice gesture if you remember.

What Not to Write

There are some phrases and words you should avoid when deciding on what to write in your sympathy messages. You may end up causing offence without meaning to.

  • Don’t bring up the circumstances surrounding the death itself. The memory of a loved ones passing is going to be terrible, so won’t want to be relived or reminded of it.
  • Stay away from words like “died” and “death”, as well as phrases such as “it’s for the best” or “it was God’s plan”. Negative words can be jarring for the recipient and using phrases that presume you know what the bereaved is feeling or what is next for them could come across as very insensitive.
  • Don’t compare your own loss with anyone else’s. Whilst there may be similarities everyone experiences loss and grief differently. Comparing yours with there’s could be seen as taking attention away from their own bereavement.
  • Send a sympathy card rather than using social media or an email. Those aren’t unacceptable ways to offer condolences but a card is much more personal and shows a degree of care and effort that has gone into wishing them sympathy for their loss.

Signing your Card

Choosing how to sign a sympathy card will depend on what sort of message you have used and your relationship with the recipient.

The most common closing will be a simple, short few words. “Sincerely” or anything else formal might not be appropriate for a sympathy card.


  • With caring thoughts
  • My sincerest sympathy
  • With sympathy
  • Our deepest condolences
  • You’re in my thoughts and prayers

If you’re close to the recipient, maybe a family member or good friend, then you can include they’re name in your closing or use the word “love” as well.


  • We/I will never forget _____
  • The life and memory of ______ will remain with us forever
  • With love
  • With loving thoughts
  • ______ will never be forgotten

For more examples see our guide for how to sign a sympathy.

We hope this guide of what to write in a condolence card has helped you. Whether you choose to write your own sympathy card messages or one of the examples provided here, as long as you speak from the heart and are genuine in what you say the exact words won’t matter. Just show you care and that you are there for the bereaved and they will appreciate the gesture.

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