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What to Say Instead of ‘With Deepest Sympathy’

When you are sending someone a sympathy card, text message or offering your condolences to those who have suffered a loss you may find yourself saying ‘with deepest sympathy’. It’s one of the most widely used phrases and ways to end a sympathy message.

It’s a touching sentiment that shows you’re understanding and empathy for their situation and how hard it must be.

But you may find yourself wanting to say more than that. Something that you feel is a little more personal, heartfelt and that is different to what everyone is likely to be saying.

The way you talk or write to someone who is grieving can offer them real comfort during such a difficult time. Making it through those hardest moments needs the support and love of friends and family.

Those grieving who you send your condolences to will appreciate that you have thought of something that isn’t just ‘with deepest sympathy’ and it may well mean more to them.

So if you want an alternative to ‘with deepest sympathy’ then the following examples should help you to offer your sympathy with different and potentially more meaningful words.

These examples will hopefully help you to show a friend, family or even coworker going through the grief of losing a loved one and offer them the comfort they need.

What Can I Say Instead of With Deepest Sympathy?

  • My deepest condolences for your loss
  • You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers
  • Please know I’m thinking of you during such a terrible time
  • My heart goes out to you
  • May you find comfort in cherished memories
  • Wishing you my sincerest sympathy for your loss
  • May the love of friends and family bring you some comfort
  • With sorrow in my heart
  • Sending my love and condolences
  • I’m deeply sorry for your loss

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‘With Deepest Sympathy’ Alternatives for a Friend

You will want to find the perfect words for a friend who has experienced a loss. Hopefully you can use these examples to say more than “with deepest sympathy”.

  • I will always be there for you
  • My heart is breaking for you
  • Let me be there to comfort you through this difficult time
  • We will be by your side throughout
  • No words can help ease your pain but know I’m always here
  • I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this but you won’t be alone
  • Joining you in sorrow and sadness
  • With all my love and support
  • I am keeping you in my prayers my friend
  • They will be missed more than I can say

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Phrases Instead of ‘With Deepest Sympathy’ for Family Members

It can be very hard to talk to family members after they have lost someone close to them. Expressing how you feel and choosing what to say is important. These alternatives to “with deepest sympathy” will hopefully help you.

  • May you find peace amongst family
  • So heartbroken for your loss
  • Family will be around you to help you through
  • May you find peace with our love and support
  • Sending warm thoughts and hope for better days
  • Family will be by your side
  • With sadness and love
  • They will be deeply missed

For Loss of Parents

Losing a parent is utterly devastating, so if you know someone that has lost a parent then these sayings and other ways to say “with deepest sympathy” should help you reaching out.

  • May those beloved memories offer you some comfort
  • Sending love and wishing I could do more to help
  • Hoping you find strength during such an awful time
  • Never forget how much you are loved by so many
  • It is so cruel to lose a parent. All my love and sympathy for your loss
  • Remember the love that is left behind. My condolences
  • No one can take away the memories that will remain with you forever
  • I will always be there and make time for you

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For Loss of Spouse/Partner

Use these message of sympathy to comfort anyone who has lost a partner or spouse.

  • I can’t begin to understand how hard this is but I’m so sorry
  • Having someone taken from us like this is so cruel
  • Keep those memories in your heart. They can never be lost
  • When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure
  • I will never forget them. All my love and sympathy
  • I’m always here for support. My sincere condolences
  • I love you and will make sure I am there for you
  • If you can hold on to memories of loved ones then they never truly leave you

Ways to Say ‘With Deepest Sympathy’ to a Coworker

We can become great friends with our coworkers and so when they lose someone special to them it’s always nice to offer your condolences. That could be with a card, gift or just in person. Whichever way you choose these example words will give you an alternative to say instead of “with deepest sympathy”.

  • Sending my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family
  • Offering my condolences for a truly tragic loss
  • May cherished memories warm your heart
  • Sending you love and hope
  • Hoping you’re coping after such tragedy
  • Everyone at work sends our love and will do all we can to help you through this
  • Our hearts go out you for your loss
  • We will cover for any work you miss. Take all the time you need
  • Offering my sympathy for your loss
  • ‘With Deepest Sympathy’ Alternatives for an Acquaintance

    When you don’t know someone very well and they lose someone it’s still a touching gesture to offer them your condolences. The messages here will give you ideas of what to say when you talk to them or attend a funeral.

    • My heartfelt condolences for your loss
    • Wishing you loving memories you can forever hold in your heart
    • Keeping you in my thoughts
    • You will be in my prayers
    • May their memory be a blessing
    • Wishing you peace to help through
    • What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us
    • I know we don’t know each other well but I can be there for you if you’d like to talk


    “With deepest sympathy” is a fairly common phrase but that’s because it’s a good way of showing your sympathy after someone has lost a loved one. So if you do end up using it you shouldn’t feel awkward or bad about doing so.

    Hopefully these alternatives have shown you that there are other options though. But whatever you choose to say will be less important than you being there for those grieving. Your support will be wget they appreciate more than anything.

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