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Pet Death Announcement Examples

Losing a pet is just as heartbreaking as losing a loved one. Pets are just as important as other members of the family and so when they pass away it’s accepted that we grieve for them just as strongly.

When a friend or family member dies there is often a death announcement to let people know they have passed away. This lets them send condolences or flowers, know when the funeral is or just offer their support.

You may decide that you want to announce the death of your pet in the same way. This allows you to celebrate your pet and all they brought to your life, as well as letting friends and family know they have passed away.

If you aren’t sure how to write a pet death announcement, what to include and where it should be published then this article should help. We’ll go through every step of the process so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

What is a Pet Death Announcement

A pet death announcement is declaration of the passing of your beloved pet. It states the basic details of your pet and how they died, including their name, date of birth and death, and any memorial service you may be holding.

Also called ‘death notices’, they serve as a way of communicating the death of a pet and formally letting people know about it.

Whilst death announcements for people have traditionally been published in newspapers, this isn’t available for pets. So the most common places for announcing a pets death is on social media, through an email or a regular letter.

Social media like Facebook or Instagram allow for others to comment on the death of your pet and have the opportunity to be shared amongst many people. Sharing a loss of someone so special can help with the grief and seeing the thoughtful comments ease a little of the pain.

How do you Announce a Pet’s Death?

Death announcements are usually simple and brief. You include only the most basic details and information that is necessary.

However, part of the reason for keeping them short was because of the cost of publishing in a newspaper. As they often charge on the basis of a word count then it could easily become very expensive quickly.

But seeing as a pet death notices don’t go in newspapers, and instead are put online or in emails then there is no charge. Which means you’re free to write as much as you like.

There are a few details you will definitely want to include at a minimum. Follow these steps for a barebones outline of a pet death announcement:

  1. Start by writing your deceased pets name. You will probably want to talk about the sadness of their death and the pain in having to announce it – “I am devastated to announce the passing of my beloved dog and best friend, Poppy.”
  2. Next mention their age and the date of the death – “She died peacefully on Thursday, 25th September at 4pm after a long battle with cancer.”
  3. If you are holding a memorial of any sort then give the details of when and where – “There will be a memorial in her honor on November 3rd, 2pm at Forest Park to celebrate Poppy’s life.”
  4. Lastly, but optional, you might want to include details about making or sending donations. Maybe a local animal shelter or charity you are particularly fond of – “Please make any donations in Poppy’s name to [charity of your choice]”

You will almost certainly want to include a photo to go with your death announcement. That might be easier said than done though as we often have so many cherished photos of our pet.

Maybe choose the one that brings back the happiest memories or you’ve always loved the most. It will be tough to look back through those treasured moments, so if you’re struggling with it just pick a recent and clear picture ti save yourself the pain.

How to Announce the Death of a Pet on Social Media

Social media is the most common place to publish a pet death announcement. The majority nowadays have a Facebook account and Instagram or Twitter are popular li at too.

However you can choose to send an email or letter if you’d like your announcement to be more private. A good compromise is using the tools your social media account has to make your death announcement only viewable by specific people you choose.

A few things you should consider though before posting:

  • Only post on a social media account that is for friends and family. A work or employee account is not appropriate for such a personal statement
  • Don’t post the same announcement on all your social media accounts. So if you post it on Facebook, don’t do the same on Instagram. You will have similar followers and they may get overwhelmed with seeing your death notice everywhere
  • As social media has direct messages you might prefer to send your death announcement to certain people rather than putting it publicly on your feed
  • If your pet was part of your family, rather than just yours, then you might want to discuss with them before posting as they may want to have some input to what is said
  • Look into the sharing options your social media account has. Having the choice of who to share your announcement with and filtering out some people is a great option
  • Give yourself a few days before posting. The usual timeframe is to wait a couple of days and give yourself the chance to come to terms with what has happened. Rushing straight onto social media probably isn’t the best idea
  • Don’t forget to proofread what you’re going to post before doing so. Avoid any mistakes or wrong details

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Death Announcement for a Pet Templates

If you would like a simple template for some inspiration about what to write then this is a good starting point:

Its with a heavy heart I have to let you all know that our beloved Poppy passed away on Monday, February 6th. She was 14 years old and had battled cancer so bravely. We will be holding a memorial on 3pm, February 15th at Westfield Park. Please RSVP to _____.

For a version that you can quickly insert your details into:

We are sad to inform you that [name] passed away peacefully on [date], [year]. [He/She] was a loved member of our family and will be dearly missed. We are holding a memorial in [His/Her] honor on [time] [date] at [location]. Please send donations to the [charity] in [names] honor.

Death Announcement for a Dog Examples

Our sweet Bailey passed away on Saturday after a short illness. She was more just a pet but a beloved member of our family.
We will be holding a memorial service to honor her life. Please join us at 2pm in Marine Gardens on August 19th where we will celebrate Baileys life.


It is with sadness we must announce the death of our precious Charlie who passed away peacefully on Wednesday. We will miss him more than words can say.
A memorial will be held on Thursday 24th March, 11am at our house.


My darling Coco passed away last night and I am heartbroken. She made it to 15 years old and was my best friend. With a heavy heart, ________.


For Social Media

Some angels choose fur instead of wings. Goodbye my angel.

Bella: April 10th, 2008 – September 6, 2021


I loved you your whole life, I’ll miss you the rest of mine. Farewell my friend and companion.

Lola: January 21st, 2011 – October 12th, 2021


For an Email

Dear friends and family, 

Yesterday we sadly had to say goodbye to Daisy. You probably already knew that recently her health had declined and last night she passed away peacefully in her sleep. She will be so missed by all of us.
With a heavy heart,

The _______ family


To my loved ones,

It’s so hard to have to type this but you on Saturday Duke passed away. It was very sudden and I am absolutely heartbroken. He was the best boy in the world and I will always love him.
I’m going to have a memorial at some point but I will be contact with the stains when it’s arranged.



Announcing the Death of a Cat Examples

With deep sadness with have to announce the death of Rocky. He passed away peacefully on 17th May, 2021. There will be a memorial on Wednesday, May 25th at Varenly Park at 11:00am.


Our wonderful Sadie passed away on Wednesday surround by her family after a long and brave fight with cancer. She was beyond special to us and we are broken hearted she is gone. Please come celebrate her life with us on Sunday at 3pm.


For Social Media

Some angels don’t have wings, sometimes they have whiskers. Goodbye my gentle friend.

Riley: October 2nd, 2006 – July 14th, 2021


Maggie, my beloved cat, passed away on Thursday. I am going to be lost without her. May she rest in peace.

Riley: December 6th, 2005 – June 23d, 2021


For an Email

Dear family and friends, 

We are heartbroken to be sending this but on Saturday Jack lost his battle with cancer. He was courageous to the end and we will miss him with all our hearts. We would love to hear any of memories you have of him.

The _______ family


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