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The Best Alternatives to ‘Rest in Peace’

When you are offering your condolences for a loss one of the first things you might think to say or write is “rest in peace”. It’s probably the most common way of paying tribute to the deceased.

And it’s a perfectly good way to express your sadness after losing someone.

But you might want to say more.

It’s understandable to want something more personal and fitting for someone who you were close to. Words can mean a lot and so finding the most appropriate ones for those you treasured is important.

So if you want an alternative to rest in peace then the examples and ideas here should help you to show your sadness for a loss in a different way.

What does Rest in Peace Mean

Rest in peace is used when talking about the death of someone. It is expressed by those mourning and grieving a loss to wish that the soul of the deceased find peace after death.

It is most commonly said to the family or friends of the deceased or as a sentiment to express condolences at a funeral or in a card. The shortened version of ‘RIP’ is also often used on to things like headstones.

Is Saying Rest in Peace Rude?

Some feel that shortening rest in peace to RIP is rude. If you’re worried about offending anyone then don’t use the shortened version. Saying ‘rest in peace’ is definitely not rude though and is a thoughtful way to demonstrate your sadness for someone’s death.

What is Better to Say Than Rest in Peace

If you would like some quick alternative ways to say rest in peace then these wording examples will help. Whilst they aren’t worded for a specific person like a family member or friend they would work well in a sympathy card message or when offering condolences at a funeral.

  • Rest in paradise
  • Rest in power
  • They will be missed
  • Rest with God
  • Rest easy
  • Rest in eternity
  • May you rest in love and peace
  • Rest in grace and love
  • Rest in Christ’s love
  • Rest in eternal sleep
  • May your soul find peace

alternative rest in peace message

The above words should be suitable for any time when you need to express your sorrow for a death. You can take these ideas and find your own way to say something other than rest in peace as well.

Try to make your words caring and understanding though. Rest in peace is such a well known phrase and reflects the sadness of a loss, so your alternative should do the same.

‘Rest in Peace’ Alternatives for a Friend

If a friend has lost someone special to them then finding something better to say then rest in peace is tough. Try these alternatives:

  • May they rest easy on the wings of angels
  • Find peace in eternal rest
  • Rest with the angels now
  • May you find peace in heaven
  • Rest in the love of Christ
  • I hope you find peace in eternal sleep
  • May you be at peace in the arms of God
  • Rest with God

heartfelt rest in peace alternative quote

Phrases Instead of ‘Rest in Peace’ for Family Members

When a family member loses someone it can be very hard to talk to them. As it’s a family loss you may also be grieving and so finding the best words to express your sadness is extremely difficult.

These “rest in peace” alternatives should give you some ideas of what else you can say to family members.

  • May he/she rest with angels
  • May the heavenly host guide you in peace
  • Find peace in eternal rest
  • Forever rest my love
  • Rest in the arms of angels
  • Rest in heavens glory
  • Be with God and His glory
  • Always loved and never forgotten

message instead of rest in peace

Ways to Say ‘I’m Sorry for Your Loss’ to a Coworker

Our coworkers often become important parts of our lives and people we get very close to. So having some touching words to say to them after they’ve experienced a loss is a good idea.

These sayings are ideal for something other to say than “rest in peace”, and work well for colleagues who have lost someone or someone who has lost a boss or coworker.

  • May he/she always be remembered
  • Rest in the light
  • We will feel your presence even though you are gone
  • God’s blessings and peace
  • Rest in heaven on the wings of angels
  • Enjoy a sweet slumber

rest in peace alternative

‘Rest in Peace’ Alternatives for an Acquaintance

A lot of the people you have to offer your sympathy to after a loss won’t be close to you like friends or family. Most will be acquaintances or those you don’t know that well. But that doesn’t stop us from saying something to acknowledge their loss.

So if you are going to be at a funeral or seeing people you don’t know that well then these alternative words for rest in peace can be used to express your condolences.

  • My condolences. May they rest in heaven
  • May their soul find rest
  • It’s so hard to let go
  • May tender moments soften your grief
  • Rest in the next world
  • Rest in bliss

What is a Non Religious Alternative to RIP

Many rest in peace messages have a religious tone to them. If you’d prefer a non religious way to say rest in peace these examples should help.

  • In my heart forever
  • Letting go is so hard. Goodbye
  • There are no goodbyes. Wherever you’ll be, you’ll be in my heart
  • Gone but never forgotten
  • Always remembered and always missed

Rest in Paradise Messages

  • Rest in the bliss of paradise
  • May you find peace in the beauty of paradise
  • Be with God in paradise
  • Your soul will rest in paradise
  • Rest in the glory of paradise
  • Rest in Paradise with eternal love
  • May your soul rest in the beauty of paradise
  • Find peace in eternal paradise


“Rest in peace” may seem like it is overused but that is because it’s probably the best and most well known way to express sadness about someone’s death. Sometimes the most popular is so for a reason.

Choosing something else to say though is entirely understandable. The main thing should always be to show your sorrow for a loss and offer your condolences.

Those grieving their loved one will not mind if you say “rest in peace” or something else, they will just appreciate the effort and kindness of your gesture.

alternatives to rest in peace

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