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Sympathy Messages for the Loss of a Niece

Our nieces can be such bright sparks in our lives. That relationship we develop with them different to others in the family.

You can become close to your niece in ways you might not with your brother or sister. That bond is special.

So losing one can be dreadfully painful. If you know someone who has lost their niece, or you have lost yours, then finding comfort afterwards is incredibly hard.

These messages of condolence and words of sympathy may help you to come to terms with or understand your loss. Or alternatively give you the inspiration and ideas for showing your support to someone else who has suffered the loss of a beloved niece.

Loss of Niece Quotes

  • I am so sorry about your nieces passing. I know how close you were. Please accept my condolences for your loss
  • Learning about the passing of your niece was such a shock. She was a truly lovely young woman and you have my deepest sympathy
  • Your niece was just such a wonderful person. I understand the hole she has left behind in your life can never be filled, and I just wanted to send my condolences
  • After losing someone so special to you I wanted to reach out and let you know I can be there if you need anyone to talk to or listen. All my love and sympathy
  • My most heartfelt condolences for your loss. I will do all I can to be there and support you
  • Your niece will be missed by so many people. She touched so many lives in the best way possible. My sympathy for a terrible loss
  • I won’t be able to understand what you’re going through but I hope you know I’m thinking of you and sending my love
  • You are in my thoughts and my prayers. My condolences and sympathy to you during this awful time
  • I know how difficult the loss of your niece will be to you. I hope you can find some comfort in friends and family. My condolences
  • Sending all my warmest thoughts and love to you after such a dreadful loss. I’m always here if you need me
  • Know that you can reach out to me for anything. I can never fully understand his hard this must be but I still want to be there
  • We shall never forget your niece. She was a kind and generous person who will be sorely missed. My condolences
  • You will be in my prayers as you deal with the grief of such a tragic loss. My warmest condolences
  • Sending loving thoughts to you after the passing of your niece. I am so sorry, I know how heartbreaking it must be to lose someone you were so close to
  • Nothing I can do or say will help with the pain of such a loss. But I will be thinking of you and praying you find some peace
  • Your niece leaves behind a whole host of wonderful memories. We will always think of her in the fondest way. I’m so sorry for your loss

loss of niece sympathy message

Condolences for the Loss of a Niece

  • Your nieces memory will love forever in our hearts. Our condolences and sympathy for her passing
  • Try to remember all those good memories you have spent with your niece. They can never be taken away from you. All my love
  • My sympathies for the loss of your niece. Find comfort in friends and loved ones and hold on to those memories you have of her
  • Your niece is going to be so missed. She was beyond special and radiated warmth and kindness. Please accept my condolences
  • I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Your niece was a special and lovely girl. My prayers will be for you
  • I will be thinking of you whilst you grieve the passing of your darling niece. I know how close the two of you were. I will be sending my love and hoping you can find some peace
  • Our nieces are so important to our families. So to lose one is always unbelievably painful. As you grieve such a loss I will do all I can to be there for you
  • Your niece was irreplaceable and there can never be another like her. We will all remember everything she did and make sure that those memories are never forgotten. All my sympathy
  • I am deeply sorry for your nieces passing. It doesn’t matter easy you need I will always make myself available to you
  • I was lucky enough to know your niece quite well and was so shocked to learn the news. I am sending my deepest condolences to you and your whole family
  • We want to be there to offer our support and love to you during this time. May you find comfort amongst loved ones
  • It was so distressing to learn of ______’s passing. She had the most vibrant sport and kind heart. My love and condolences

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Words of Sympathy for Loss of Niece

  • We are mourning the loss of a truly special person. She will forever be in our hearts
  • I hope you are able to find the strength needed to get through this terrible loss. My deepest sympathies
  • The warm embrace of family and friends should help you to find some comfort. I am so sorry your niece has gone
  • I can understand how much you’re going to miss your little niece. I know this note can offer very little but I hope it helps to know how much I am thinking of you
  • We only have great memories of your niece and will remember her so fondly. Our sympathy and condolences
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will always be there for you whatever you need, be it to talk or cry. I’m so sorry
  • Offering my condolences for your deceased niece. She was a true star that shine so bright. We were lucky to have had her
  • Your niece was a sweet and beautiful girl. We are all going to miss having her in our lives. My sympathy
  • After losing your niece, someone who was so special to you, I will be praying for some peace and rest from the tragedy
  • All I can think to do during a time like this is offer my support and sympathy to you. Stay strong
  • Your niece brought a joy and enthusiasm to us all that we needed. I am so sad to have lost her and know you must have been hit really hard by it. I am here if you need me
  • My condolences. Your niece was like no one else – unique and special. I hope you can find some comfort with loved ones as you grieve

Do your best to offer your support and condolences for the loss of a niece. Whilst it can be hard to know what to say hopefully the messages here will have helped to give you some ideas.

A few words that show you’re thinking of the bereaved isn’t too much to ask. And you would be surprised what a difference it can make.

sympathy messages for loss of niece

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