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15 Example Thank You Notes for Funeral Food

After a funeral has taken place one of the things most people don’t realise is that you have to thank so many people for their help or involvement. Friends, family, florists, the funeral director or home etc. And one of those is the caterer or whoever provided the funeral food.

The food may not be the first think you think of when it comes to a funeral. But it’s an essential part, and the caterer will have worked hard to provide what you requested.

So you should try to thank them for their efforts. But what do you say in your thank you note?

If you’re having trouble finding the right words then these example thank you notes should help give you an idea of what to say.

Thank You Notes for Funeral Food

Many different people may have helped out with food after the death of a loved one. Be it family, friends or those in the community around you. So use these example thank you notes to come up with your own way of saying thanks or copy them directly as they are.

Dear Sadie,

I can’t thank you enough for bringing food to the funeral. The planning has been really stressful so having friends chip in and help with food has allowed me to grieve fully. Your support throughout this difficult time is hugely appreciated.



Dear Angela,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the funeral. It was so touching to see all the time and effort you had to put into preparing so much food. So many of those in attendance mentioned how tasty they found it.

On the day of the funeral my mind was all over the place and so I didn’t get the opportunity to thank you properly. It’s when times are hard that true friends really step up. I’m so grateful to have someone like you in my life.

Thank you again,


Dear David,

Thank you for the delicious food you brought to the service. Your generosity didn’t go unnoticed. We hadn’t prepared for so many people and ended up needing more so having that extra food you provided was a real life saver.
I appreciate all you’ve done to help and how lucky I am to have a friend like you.

Kindest regards,


Dear Smith family,

We wanted to thank you for the lovely meals you prepared for us. It was incredibly thoughtful, especially at a time when we needed the help most. It’s hard to express how much we appreciated all you’ve done but know that we value your friendship so much.



Dear Webster family,

Planning a funeral is both arduous and gruelling when you’re grieving someone you loved. So when friends come through with help like you did it’s so appreciated.
The food you sent was delicious and you even remembered that some of us have specific dietary needs.

Having the piece of mind to know the food side of things was sorted really did take some of the strain and stress away. So I can’t begin to thank you enough. You made a hard day that bit easier.

Warm regards,


thank you note for funeral food

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Thank You Wording for the Caterers

If the funeral was catered then it’s always nice to let them know that their hard work was appreciated. So use these example thank you messages to thank them for the hard work they put in catering the funeral.

Dear [caterers name],

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did catering my late wife’s funeral 2 weeks ago. During such a difficult time it was a real relief to know that the food was taken care of. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the food and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to friends and family in the future.

Thank you again,


Dear [company name],

Thank you for catering our funeral and getting everything spot on. We had some very specific requests and all the food was exactly as we had hoped. Although a funeral is never a happy occasion your service helped make it more bearable.

We are extremely grateful and won’t forget it. Thank you again,


To the Caterers,

On a moving and tough day it was a relief to have such professionals catering for us. The food was exemplary and we were delighted with the standard. Everyone who attended was well fed and many complimented us on how good it tasted. We are grateful for your service and will recommend you at every chance.


thank you note for funeral caterer

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Thank You Notes for Serving Food

If anyone volunteered to help serve the food at the service then it’s right to thank them for all they did.

Dear Helen,

Thank you ever so much for helping out and serving food at the funeral. On an awkward day you helped to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable. It may not seem like much it really makes a difference. I truly appreciate the help and all you did.

With love,


Dear Joe,

We were very grateful for your help with serving food at the service. It was a weight of our shoulders to not be concerned with every aspect of what was happening. You went above and beyond to assist us and we are very, very thankful.


Dear Jessie,

My family were grateful for you helping with the serving of food. During such a difficult time for all of us having a friend like you and the support you’ve shown has been a light amongst the dark. Thank you.


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Thank You for Food After the Funeral

Sometimes those closest to you will bring food after the funeral as well. This can be really helpful if you’ve been overwhelmed by the funeral and don’t feel up to cooking. So you can reach out and say thanks with these notes.

Dear Jones family,

I wanted to write sooner to thank you for the casseroles you dropped off after the funeral. After such a stressful period it was such a relief to have food that I didn’t have to prepare and cook. You really came through when I need the help most. Thank you so much,



Dear Heather,

The food you sent over after the funeral was just what we needed. It was a very welcome surprise to find it in our doorstep and has all been eaten. It brought comfort and respite after a gruelling few days. Thank you,


Receiving the food you sent after the funeral was over was so welcome. I needed time to process everything that had happened and being able to have something eat close to hand that didn’t need cooking or preparing was ideal. It also offered me the opportunity to be with the kids after and make sure they were coping. All in all it was a wonderful gesture that I’m truly grateful for. I can’t thank you enough.


Dear Steve,

I can’t deny that I was feeling lost after the funeral. There were so many emotions. Having the food you brought round though was a Godsend. Being able to have something nutritious and comforting to eat when I was struggling helped immensely. Thanks for being there when I needed you.



Letting those who helped with the funeral food know you appreciated their efforts is not only the right etiquette but just a thoughtful thing to do. So sending a thank you note for help with the funeral food will show your appreciation and remind those involved of what it meant to you.

thank you notes for funeral food

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