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Death Announcement Email Examples and Samples

After someone has passed away we are often called upon to let friends, family, colleagues and more know about that death. Announcing a death of a loved one is never easy and finding the right words understandably tough.

But it’s important to let people know, as well as part of honoring the memory of the deceased. How you announce that death can vary though.

Death announcements come in different forms: a card, in a newspaper, on social media like Facebook. Sending an email to let people know someone has passed is also acceptable.

If you’re planing to send an email death announcement then the following examples should help to give you some ideas. You can change and edit them to fit your relationship with the deceased and specific circumstances.

Death Announcement Email Examples

Death Announcement Email to Friends and Family

Subject: In Memory of Sarah Jones

Dear [Friend/Family Member’s Name],

I am reaching out to you to let you know the terrible news that Sarah has passed away. She passed away peacefully on Wednesday, 18th March surrounded by her loved ones.

Sarah was the most wonderful person, and will be deeply missed by every one of us lucky enough to have known her. We were all inspired by her generosity and kindness and her wicked sense of humor.

I wanted to reach out and share this news with you because Sarah was such an important person in my life and I know she held a special place in your heart as well.

I would love for you to send any memories you may have of Sarah that you are comfortable sharing and will help keep her memory alive.

Please keep Sarah’s family in your thoughts and prayers during this incredibly difficult time.


[Your Name]

death announcement email example

Death Announcement Email to Colleagues

Subject: Passing of David Smith

Dear [Colleague’s Name]

It is with such sadness I have to send this email and let you know of the passing of our beloved colleague David Smith. He passed away on 3rd September after a long and brave battle with cancer.

David was one of the hardest workers I knew and a valued member of our team. His dedication, positivity and commitment made him an essential part of our company.

We will miss David’s contributions but above all else his warmth and friendship will be what we remember most. Please join me in expressing our condolences to his family she loved ones as they grieve his loss.

If you would like to offer your support in any way to David’s family then reply to this email letting me know and I will pass on the details.


[Your Name]

Death Announcement Email to a Community or Organization

Subject: Death Announcement of Joanne Gilbert

Dear [Community/Organization Name],

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Joanne Gilbert. She passed away peacefully on 14th November surrounded by family.

Joanne was an active member of our community and her commitment to making it better along with her willingness to help anyone had such a lasting impression on all of us. She will be missed greatly.

In honor of Joanne we would like to extend our deepest condolences to her family during such a difficult time. All she did for our community will never be forgotten.

There will be a memorial service on December 6th at [location]. If you would like to attend or just pass on your thoughts to Joanne’s family then please get in touch and we will provide the details.

Please keep Joanne’s loved ones in your prayers and thoughts.


[Your Name]

Death Announcement Email to Customers

Subject: Passing of James King, CEO of [Company Name]

Dear Valued Customers,

With heavy hearts we announce the passing of our CEO James King. James passed away after a short illness on April 26th.

A leader of extraordinary vision, James brought innovation and fresh ideas to our industry. We cannot overstate his importance to both our company and customers. Everyone who was lucky to have worked with and alongside James will miss him deeply.

We are sending our love and condolences to his wife, Rebecca, and his entire family. Please think of them during this difficult time.

We are fully committed to ensuring we have a seamless transition and will work diligently with our customers to guarantee our services retain the high quality they have come to expect.


[Your Name]

Death Announcement Email to School

Subject: In Memory of Marissa Davies, former Deputy Head

Dear [School Community Name],

I am writing to inform you that our former deputy head, Marissa Davies, passed away last Tuesday.

No one was as passionate about education or as committed to the success and well being of our students like Marissa was. She inspired every single one of us.

In honor of her service we will be holding a memorial service on Friday 8th May at [location]. Her impact on the school and lives of those who went here won’t be forgotten.

We keep Marissa’s family in our thoughts and send them our condolences during this terrible time.


[Your Name]

Writing a death announcement email is always tricky. Hopefully these examples and samples will have helped you to find the right wording for your email and enable you to let others know of their passing.

death announcement email examples

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