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What to Write on a Wreath for a Funeral: 100+ Message Examples

If you’re sending flowers or a wreath to a funeral you may be worrying about what to say. It can be hard to know what to write on a funeral wreath.

How can you be expected to find the right words to remember or say goodbye to someone you loved. You only get one chance to express those last sentiments and so it’s natural to want to say something meaningful and heartfelt.

But you only have a short space to work with. A funeral wreath ribbon affords you only a small amount of room to write whatever you choose. It’s makes it even more important to get those few words just right.

So if you’re struggling with what to write on a wreath then these example messages and tips should help you to come up with the perfect words that express how you really feel.

Table of Contents
What is a Funeral Wreath
Short Funeral Wreath Messages
Religious Funeral Wreath Messages
Non-Religious Funeral Wreath Messages
Funeral Wreath Messages for Family
- Mom
- Dad
- Grandmother
- Grandfather
Funeral Wreath Messages for Friends
Funeral Flower Messages for Coworkers
Funeral Wreath Sympathy Messages

What is a Funeral Wreath

A funeral wreath is a floral tribute for someone who has passed away. It is an accompaniment to the deceased as they make their way to the funeral and will follow them from the service to the graveside. This is opposed to flowers that are sent to the bereaved family or friends as a way of expressing sympathy or condolences.

Funeral wreaths originate from Ancient Greece and were worn as signs of power by important members of society. When used for funerals they signified the circle of life.

When used by Christian’s to commemorate martyrs they would be made from evergreens which because of its ability to survive the harsh winters represented victory of the soul over death.

Short Funeral Wreath Messages

If you are writing a message on a card to go with your wreath then these short funeral flower messages will be ideal.

  • Always remembered and in our hearts
  • Gone but never forgotten
  • Forever in our hearts
  • In loving memory
  • Missed more than words can say
  • Loved deeply, missed terribly
  • Until we meet again. Goodbye
  • Forever treasured in our memories
  • Rest in peace with the angels
  • Forever remembered and cherished
  • With love and sympathy
  • With you in sorrow
  • The memories will live on
  • Always in our thoughts
  • May you rest in peace my love
  • In love and remembrance
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Religious Funeral Wreath Ribbon Messages

A religious sentiment is often used for a funeral wreath. But before doing so make sure you are confident that the deceased was religious and whether they would have felt it appropriate to have a religious message on their funeral flowers.

  • May angels watch over you
  • Rest in Heaven
  • With Gods love
  • Heaven will welcome you
  • There is a new angel in heaven
  • Now asleep in God’s embrace
  • Rest in eternal peace with Christ
  • May you be received in heaven
  • In to God’s hands
  • Heaven’s gates will be open for you
  • On angel wings

religious funeral wreath message

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Non-Religious Funeral Wreath Examples

If the deceased wasn’t religious or you don’t know of their religion then you should avoid a religious message on the wreath. Go with a standard sentiment or heartfelt words.

  • Missed dearly
  • With all our love
  • Always loved. Never forgotten
  • Loved eternally
  • Remembered in our hearts
  • Treasured by family and friends
  • A shining star, forever in our hearts
  • The memories will never fade
  • Too special to ever be forgotten
  • He/she walked in beauty
  • Our lives were better because of her/his presence
  • In my heart forever

short funereal wreath message

Funeral Wreath Messages for Family

It’s not unusual for the more extended members of a family to send a funeral wreath or flowers when a family member has passed away. Closer family can also send a funeral wreath so the messages below are ideal for all different relatives.

Funeral Wreath Messages for Mom

  • I will love you forever mom
  • Nothing could say how much I miss you
  • In memory of a beloved mother
  • You will be so very missed
  • Thank you for everything, mom
  • Loving mom and wife
  • Cherished by all who were lucky to know her
  • Touched by her love
  • You were an inspiration
  • In memory of an adored mom
  • Your love will always live on

moving funeral wreath message

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Funeral Wreath Messages for Dad

  • I love you, dad. Goodbye
  • No words can express how much I will miss you
  • Thank you for everything, dad
  • A dear father who will be missed greatly
  • A man too loved to ever be forgotten
  • You made my life so much better. Thank you dad
  • A wonderful man we were lucky to have
  • I treasure every moment I spent with you
  • A dad who will live on in our hearts for all time
  • Your life will be a beautiful memory
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Funeral Wreath Messages for Grandmother

  • Your memories will never die
  • Time may fade away but memories of you will always remain
  • You are gone but always in my heart
  • Rest in heaven now gran
  • Your memory will last forever
  • Treasured memories of a our beloved grandmother
  • Your memory will live on long in our hearts
  • Sleep peacefully my sweet gran
  • May you be at peace in God’s arms
  • I only had a short time knowing you but I treasure it

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Funeral Wreath Messages for Grandfather

  • A light has gone out of my life without you grandpa
  • You leave a hole in my heart I will never fill
  • When a person becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure
  • Missed every day
  • You brought joy and happiness to our lives
  • Deeply missed by everyone
  • Eternally missed
  • No one compared to you
  • Rest in bliss, grandpa
  • One day we will remember you with wonder, not grief

Funeral Wreath Messages for Friends

  • Here lies a beloved friend
  • In loving memory of a true friend
  • A cherished and treasured friend
  • In memory of an unforgettable friend
  • You captured a place in our hearts
  • The greatest friend
  • We only part to meet again
  • A friend to all
  • To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die
  • Once met, never forgotten

Funeral Wreath Messages for Coworkers

Quite often if it’s a coworkers funeral then everyone in the office or workplace will group together to send a funeral wreath or flowers. The messages below are good ideas for a wreath for a colleague.

  • Beloved colleague and friend
  • An employee we all looked up to
  • A coworker we all adored
  • More than just a colleague – a friend
  • Remembering a wonderful boss
  • In memory of our valued coworker
  • The office won’t be the same without you
  • Out team will never be the same
  • A dearly missed colleague and friend
  • We cherished and will miss you

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Funeral Wreath Sympathy Messages

  • Sharing your sorrow
  • With deepest sympathy
  • All our love
  • In our thoughts and prayers
  • With all our hearts and love
  • Wishing you peace and comfort
  • Our sincerest sympathy
  • With loving thoughts
  • Wishing you courage to face the days ahead
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Sending a funeral wreath is a touching gesture and the words that accompany it can have a real impact on the deceaseds family. That’s why it’s important to try and make what you write on a funeral wreath as moving snd heartfelt as you can.

Hopefully these example messages for funeral wreaths will have helped you to find those words and express the way you feel as best as you can.

what to write on a funeral wreath for a funeral

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