Sympathy Messages for a Natural Disaster (Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods and More)

sympathy messages for a natural disaster

When there is a natural disaster, something like an earthquake or tsunami, the devastation can be massive. Sadly many lives are lost and homes destroyed. It is a time of both national and personal loss, grief and sadness. To the people affected it will be heartbreaking to have lost their loved ones. You may be … Read more

Sympathy Messages for Someone Going Through a Breakup

what to say to someone going through a breakup

Sympathy and condolences aren’t just for those that have lost someone to death. The end of a relationship – breaking up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife – deserves just as much sympathy and support. Breakups are so hard for those involved. Splitting up with the person you’ve loved is heartbreaking and it’s in … Read more

What to Write in a Sympathy Card for Someone You Don’t Know Well (Acquaintances & Strangers)

sympathy messages for acquaintances

When an acquaintance or someone we don’t know well suffers a loss it can be hard to know what to say to them. When reaching out to friends and family it’s a little more straightforward as your relationship is stronger. But with someone you don’t know well, or an acquaintance, your relationship will be very … Read more

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Stepfather

When you lose a father it is a pain like almost nothing else. Something that can compare though is the loss of a stepfather. A stepfather may not be a direct relation but that doesn’t stop the real bonds that form with them. So when one passes away it is understandably a period of grief … Read more